I’m not a gardener, but I want to be so at the beginning of this month I planted a bunch of seeds.

I really didn’t think very many would grow, if any, so I planted a lot.

plants2I underestimated how many of the seeds would sprout and I overestimated how long it would take for them to outgrow these flats.

plants1I knew these seedlings would quickly outgrow their little dirt cubes so I moved them into plastic cups:

plants3I have way too many squash, zucchini and cucumber plants, even if half of these die!

plants4I’m keeping all the beans though, I’ll be happy if they all grow tons of green beans for me to pickle next fall!

plants5Rumor has it we may be starting a garden at the facility where I work and I’d like to donate my extra seedlings to that but if we don’t I’m happy to give my extras to any of my local friends who want them!

plants6It looks like the herbs still have room in their flat and I’m hoping they don’t outgrow it until it’s warm enough for me to put them in their permanent homes outside.

Right now I’m obsessed with these and would love 6 or 8 to hang from the planters on my patio-wouldn’t they be great overflowing with herbs?!

The same day I planted the seeds I also put some gladiolus bulbs into some vases, again hoping some would grow.


They all did.

In my area of Colorado we can get frost through April so I really can’t plant these outside until May…which means these may bloom in their vases inside rather than in the pots on my patio like I had planned.

So, while I’m glad that I’m having so much luck growing things this year, I’m hoping I can keep all of these alive until it’s time to put them outside!

todo1I’m going to keep this green-thumb-streak going and check another item off my list tomorrow….can you guess which one??



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