1.  Where did that splinter come from?

2.  Where did this weekend go?

3.  I wonder if the whole town calls me “that house on ——- Street with its Christmas lights still up.”

I figure that they probably do

lights1Because, you know, they still are.

But, in my defense, they’re solar so I don’t have to go out and turn them on each night.  But, that also means that they still light up each night.  Don’t judge me.

lights2They’re down now and in the front hall closet, lit up until the juice runs out.

4.  What’s one productive thing I can get done before Monday?

Enter these:

lilac1Last year I meant to plant some lilacs but never got around to it so when I saw these in the store this week I picked up two

lilac2and cleared out the rest of the red mulch

lilac3and picked where I wanted them to go.

lilac4My future lilacs are only sticks with tiny little leaves right now so they’re going to need protecting.  Henry likes to go around and unplant everything I put in the ground so I’m hoping these tomato cages will keep them safe!
lilac5lilac6Right now these are sad but someday they’re going to be big leafy bushes….hopefully!

5.  Is it bedtime yet?



3 thoughts on “Things I Thought This Weekend

  1. I’d say you’ve been a busy girl. Love lilacs in spring. We have two old ones that I’ve tried to murder numerous times flanking our potager. Grateful they’re hardier than my disaffection. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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