I built a fence today.  And it’s only noon!

fence6Well, technically it was already built, I just had to install it, but I did that!

fence1I hauled the fence panels, stakes and new solar lights out at about 10:00 this morning.  I would have started sooner but it was still really cold and the ground was hard so I waited for it to warm up a bit.

fence2I think I had all four panels up in less than 15 minutes-it WAS as easy as the internet said!

fence3Mostly…two posts went in super easy, one required a little muscle and three were really hard!

fence5 So I went and got my dad’s rubber mallet to try to pound the difficult ones in further.

fence7My goal was to have all the posts to the height of that middle one.  The one on the street end (on the right in this picture) went in a little further with the mallet but not as far as I wanted.  The one at the yard end?  Didn’t budge.

fence8The other side?  Easy, easy.  The first two went all the way into the ground, no problems.  That last one though?  Not having it.  I’m hoping that the problem is how hard the ground is on the yard end.  My new plan is to soak the ground really well when I water this afternoon and then try pounding them in again.  I have my fingers crossed.

fence4If you’ve been to my house at night, you know how dark this stairwell is.  Last year I bought a lot of solar lights but someone kept stealing them.  I really don’t know any other way to light this area so this year I’m trying to attach the lights to the fence with zip ties.  I’m sure the thief will still grab them, I just want it to be more difficult for him.

I’ll try to put up a quick update tonight after I (fingers crossed!) get those last posts all the way in!



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