My back patio was kind of a mess

patio1I knew it just needed a little clean up but for some reason, I didn’t find time to clean it up until today.

patio2I swept everything up

patio3 and then put down the rug that use to be in my living room.  I also hosed it down because it was pretty dusty from sitting in the basement.

patio4Then I moved the table and chairs back into place

patio5 and used some bins for Henry’s outside toys.  He’s spoiled.

patio7 So spoiled, in fact, that he also got a dog bed out here.  He seems to like it.

I also thought that since I was out here I might as well fix some problems I had going on with the lights overhead.

lights1Problem #1:I had a combination of bright white and warm white lights up there and I had two boxes of warm white lights sitting on the bookshelf in my laundry room.  Yeah, it was about time I got around to that.

lights4Problem #2: I had to plug one string into that outlet so I had lights running down the side of my house.  Sure, not awful, but I didn’t like it.

lights2Problem #3: I didn’t have enough lights to run back to the beginning with the last string.  So I’ve had it dangling there for months.

Solution #1: Well, mostly solved.  I still didn’t have enough warm whites so there’s one strand of bright white at the end.  Sigh.


Solution #2: White extension cord and zip ties.

lights8Solution #3: Again, only kind of solved.  As you can see I attached the end up with a zip tie.  You would think that I would have plenty of lights to get back to the beginning (since I put in the extension cord) but I didn’t because

lights3I wanted to run the lights down both sides of the arch rather than just one (as I had it before.)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my cleaned up patio and I can’t wait until it gets warmer so I can spent more time out there in the evenings!



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