I’ve really wanted to compost for a long time but never got around to it.  Now that I’m a week into this program I have found myself with a lot more vegetable scraps and thought that this was the perfect time to figure out how to compost.

I found this on Young House Love and thought it was worth a try.

compost1 I had the bin in my basement already.  (If I was buying a new one I would have gotten a navy or grey one to blend in a little more.)

compost2I drilled some holes in the top,


compost4and the sides.

compost5Then I added some shredded paper

compost6 and topped it with some dirt.

compost7I stuck it in a sunny spot in my yard and now I wait.

compost8To make things easier, I put this cute green pail (also already on hand!) on the kitchen counter to gather scraps.

I’m really hoping this works!  Dirt is expensive and I would love to make my own!



2 thoughts on “Storage Bin Composting

  1. I think you’ll find that you’ll need a bigger pile to make compost: “Size – A minimum volume of material is necessary to build up the heat necessary for efficient composting. When materials are heavy in green materials, keep the bin smaller to allow for better aeration. Three feet by three feet by three feet is considered minimum size to allow for heating. This small size may be adequate for small yards with limited materials to compost. If composting fall leaves and materials high in brown materials, a larger bin (5 feet by 5 feet) may keep the processing going through the winter months.” (from the Colorado State extension agency). Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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