I went to Lowe’s yesterday to get more wood.  Now that I have a saw, I want every project I do to involve it.  But, while I was walking through the store I passed a display of plants.  Sorry saw, we’ll hang out later!

peony1Two of these Tree peonies came home with me yesterday.  It’s funny because almost a year ago I planted my first round of peonies.  They didn’t survive.  Or did they…

peony7That’s right, while I was outside planting my new peonies I saw this.  One lone peony survivor from last year.  Yay!

When I put that fence in out front I thought I’d find a pretty little vine to grow up it but then I found those peonies and thought they’d be perfect!

My long term plan for my front yard is to run that fence all the way around and to save a little bit of time/money I think I’m going to just turn one panel at a 90° angle and run the fence across from there.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, so here’s a picture:

peony2(Obviously I’ll have to dig a little trench for the panel to fit into but for now that’s not necessary.)

So, since I know that down the road I’m going to move that fence, I decide to put the tree peony in the center of the panel that will stay in place.

peony4Luckily, the panel shows me where the center is so I didn’t have to do any measuring!

peony5The ground was pretty soft so I had the hole ready in no time.  (I normally hate mulch but I’m learning that it’s necessary here because it’s so dry.)

peony6I can’t wait to see these fill up that space with big, pretty pink flowers!  I’m confident that these will be an impulse buy I won’t regret!



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