Today it snowed.

Okay, it didn’t stick and it mostly rained, but there were definitely flakes.

This weather started with crazy winds and dark skies at the beginning of the week but didn’t result in any moisture until today.

While my lawn (and the grass seed I threw down on the front lawn just in time) are loving this crazy spring weather, my pretty apple blossoms aren’t fairing so well.

weather2It’s kind of cool to be in the backyard when the wind picks up-it turns into an apple blossom blizzard!

You know what else suffered?

trellis1My trellis.  It blew over, taking the clematis with it.  Since the weather has been so nasty I haven’t been able to go out and repair it.

trellis2I was afraid that if I left it flopped over on the lawn the branches would break off (some already have) and I would lose growing time this summer.  So, I leaned it back up, used the trellis to prop it up and then braced the trellis with a bag of mulch and some bricks.  Talk about curb appeal!

I have a plan for how to make the trellis wind proof-I just need a couple of dry hours to make it happen!

weather1Obviously that won’t happen tonight!



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