I built furniture today you guys.  Not any of that pre-cut particle board stuff either-for real, from scratch furniture.

It all started with this

table3blank wall in the backyard.

And also this:

table2Specifically all that wood hanging out around my shed.

To the right you can see a failed project that I originally intended to put up around my front stairwell.  It didn’t work out and now I’m glad because I like the metal fence I put up out there better.

Anyways, after some Googling I decided that I could build a console type table out of the wood I already had.

table1I started out building the legs

table4and them attached them with two boards.  Because I was using wood I had already cut for other projects, I didn’t have two of the same width and length so the front board is narrower than the back one.  I don’t think anyone will notice

table5because I then put boards across the bottom to form a shelf.

Then I realized that I had just built a really awkward 5ft long table that I couldn’t lift and maneuver off my patio so I had to take the shelf off and reassemble it in place.

table6I moved the bricks and rocks to the sides (SO MANY SPIDERS!) so I could put the table (mostly) in the center of the wall.  When I have another set of hands here I’ll probably move it to level the ground and put some rocks down under it.  The ground is super soft and slanty there so the end on the right is sitting lower than the one on the left.

You can also see in the above picture that I put a top on it.  I used two of the cedar fence boards that I had leftover from building planter boxes.  One is warped from being out in the rain for so long but I’m exploring other options for the top so I’m not worried about it.

table7Then I had to accessorize it, of course.

I’ve had a makeshift pallet table on my patio for several months.  It’s been half painted and under used so I’d like to get rid of it and just use my pretty new piece.  I picture the bottom shelf holding extra pots and miscellaneous gardening supplies and I want the top to be filled with pots of herbs and flowers.  I plan to scour thrifts stores for more pots that I can spray paint bright new colors.

I also haven’t decided how I’m going to finish this.  I’m thinking of a combination of staining the legs and painting the shelf on the bottom.  The shelf is pine and I think it’s going to need more protection if it’s going to be out in the elements.

table8While it’s still not completely finished, I’m so proud of it!  I did that!



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