OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo more things got checked off my list today-the two stumps in the front yard were ground out and a brand new tree got planted!

stump1cOne stump was under the spruce tree on the east side of my lawn.  Initially I thought I’d just leave it as nothing grows under the tree anyways but now I’m so glad I had them grind it out.


The other stump was smack dab in the middle of the west side of my lawn.  These stumps were huge-I can’t even begin to guess how old the trees were!

I originally thought I’d plant a new tree in the hole left by this stump but then I heard that odds were that the whole stump wouldn’t be ground out and that it would just be done deep enough to put some dirt over and plant grass.

So I called my mom to come help and together we finally planted the little Aspen tree I bought weeks ago!

tree1We started out placing it around the yard until we found the perfect spot.  I wanted to be able to still see the steeple from the oldest church in town (built in 1888) and still keep my views of the mesas to the south but also eventually block out most of the town homes on the corner.

While I dug the hole my mom raked up the wood chips from the stump and put them under the spruce tree.


Then she took the clumps of grass I dug up and planted them in the bare spot. If I’m lucky at least a little of that grass will take hold and fill in the spot.

tree4(Taking these pictures was really hard-it turns out that there are a ton of trees in my neighborhood that my tree perfectly blends in with!)

tree5It feels so good to check these two items off my list!



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