May was a whole month of rain and so far June has been sunny which means my plants (and grass!) are growing like crazy!

clematis1The original clematis has taken over my trellis

clematis2and it should bloom any day now!


And the clematis I planted this year is well on its way to reaching the small trellis.


My aspen tree is growing (and still hard to photograph!)


And the grass my mom transplanted into the bare patch left by the old stump is starting to take!

Yes the lawn is overgrown…all that rain and sun has made it hard to keep up with my little reel mower…so a for real lawn mower should by in my possession by tomorrow!


The mystery rose has bloomed after a year of waiting and it’s PINK!  A bright hot pink that I love!


Finally, this


Apples, apples, apples, apples!


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