My yard has come a long way in the last year. Last July it looked like this and this March the backyard looked like this.  Because there was so little, well, grass, in my lawn I didn’t need a real lawn mower.  I had been using an old fashioned reel mower which meant that mowing my lawn involved me pushing that mower all around my yard (through some nasty weeds) and once I was done I was hot and sweaty and exhausted.  Then I had to rake the whole thing.  I hated it.  So I put off doing it as long as possible which meant that the grass and weeds were long and even more difficult to mow through.  It was a vicious cycle.

With all the rain this year my lawn has grown like crazy and I could no longer keep up with it with the reel mower.  My life saving mother came over a couple of times with her lawn mower and cut it back for me but that wasn’t a good permanent solution.

So on Monday my new lawn mower came and I finished putting it together Tuesday morning (in less than 5 minutes!) and got to mowing.


I’m going to be honest here, I was scared.  Somehow in my 35 years I have never mowed a lawn with a real lawn mower.  The first thing that scared me was adding the gas.  I think I have a healthy fear of things exploding so holding that gas can had me kind of on edge.

Obviously, I got the gas in the mower with no explosions.  Whew!


Still nervous, I started it up and took off.  Again, spoiler, no limbs were lost in my first lawn mowed.  Whew x2!

Are you ready for some before and afters?


That grass was long…and kind of wet from dew but I knew that waiting until it dried out meant that I’d be mowing in 80° plus temperatures so I carried on.


The mower got bogged down a couple quite a few times, I think because the grass was so long and still kind of damp.  You better believe that I won’t be letting it get that long again!


Yes, I still need to do the edges but by the time I was done mowing it had gotten pretty hot so I decided to save it for another day.


While I had a more than healthy fear of the lawn mower, Henry had none.  He ran circles around me, barking and placing bones and sticks in my path.  He would not stop so he ended up locked in the house until I was done working.

I’m sure by the end of this summer my lawn mowing excitement will fade but this week I’m pretty proud of myself!



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