I know I’ve been gone for a week…or more…car problems (again,) getting ready for a yard sale, OITNB Season 3, and a big purge/re-organization of my whole house has kept me very busy.  But I’m back!  

I feel like I spent most of last summer talking about my shade cloth.  I think all the problems from last year had me putting off putting it up this year.  Of course, it went up super easy and I kicked myself for not doing it two weeks ago!

sc1Yes, that’s the box from my lawn mower.  Yes I’m embarrassed.  Also, yes, those are weeds all over the patio.  90° is really hot you guys!

sc2No, I never cut down the dowel on the left.  I also never painted the dowels or post white but I DID shorten the cloth this year!  That swag action going on to the right is due to the leaning post.

It’s not perfect but

fionaFiona (my parents’ dog) seems to approve!

Next year I need someone to tell me to do this in May.  I can’t believe how much it instantly cooled down my front room (let’s just say it’s so much cooler that I don’t care about the sag, leaning post or not white dowels!)

And I think that this

c1 will probably distract anyone passing by!



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