Hall Closet

I always feel like my house is a mess.  My nice friends would tell you that it’s not but I think they’re just being nice.

With two long haired pets my floors always need to be swept and vacuumed and I always seem to have random things lying around.  Last week I realized that I never put things away because I don’t have good places to put them.  So with that realization I started my major house reorganization.

Yesterday I realized that I have five closets (one a big walk-in) in my 1000 square foot house.  And it’s still disorganized.  And it needed to change.

So I decided to start with my small hall closet.


This closet has held kitchen items, cleaning supplies, tools, a cat bed and boxes.  Obviously all important stuff.

I knew that I wanted to store my vacuum, broom and mop in here rather than my laundry room and that involved taking out that lowest shelf.  The shelf wasn’t attached to anything but it was too big to just lift out.  So I beat it with a hammer until i broke in half.


And it’s funny that even after removing a shelf I seem to have more room in here!

I love little projects like this-in less than an hour I removed some clutter and got one more space organized!



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