Laundry Room

Since there are no more small rooms in my house it’s finally time to tackle something big:

lr1This is less a laundry room and more a dumping place.  This is the first room I see every time I walk into my house and when it looks like this


I’m less happy to be home.

That humongous bookshelf really should be more than enough storage but somehow it wasn’t.  So, faced with the overwhelming job of taking everything out of here, sorting it, cleaning and putting it back in, I did the most logical thing.

I made new curtains.  Yeah.


But, you see, the curtains in here didn’t match.  And one was way too long.  They HAD to go!


I won a gift card to Target at Bunko in May and when I stopped by there I found this curtain on sale.  Neutral, girly and light and airy-just want this room needed!  Since the curtain was big and the windows were small, one panel was enough to do both windows in the laundry room and the one in my bathroom.  MUCH better!

With nothing else I could use to distract me, I finally tackled the mess.  It took me a whole day and it sucked.


I have finally finished dismantling the dresser but it still has several steps before it can actually be a bench.  It fits perfectly by the door and the drawers on the bottom are perfect for shoes.

Next I moved all the white bins from my bathroom to these shelves and sorted out everything that didn’t need to be in here and now I have room to spare!


I still need to label the bins but for now they’re easy enough to pull out and see what’s in them.

Three rooms down, three to go!



2 thoughts on “Laundry Room

  1. Laundry rooms and habitual entryways are always clutter traps, to have both in one space would be a tremendous challenge — good work on getting it under control. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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