A Distraction

My house is an obstacle course of extra furniture and yard sale stuff.

So, naturally, instead of sorting and pricing for a yard sale, I decided to do some rearranging.


It started with this table.  I bought it before I bought my house (Crate & Barrel, great condition that I got from a yard sale for $20!)  and it’s been sitting under a pile of random stuff in my guest room for a year.  While I was purging the guest room yesterday I had an epiphany-it could be perfect in my kitchen!

I thought it would fit under the shelves by the doorway to the kitchen


and it allllmost did.  It stuck out less than an inch.  I walked past it for a couple of hours and decided that I could live with it.


I took out one of the shelves and called it done.  Even though it was too big and even though it wasn’t centered.

I went about my afternoon of cleaning until about 4 when I thought I’d lay down and watch some TV in the cool air conditioning of my bedroom.

While I was laying down (watching DVRed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy-because who doesn’t love to watch the McDreamy’s Dead episode every couple of weeks??) I realized


I had the perfect table for that space in my kitchen!

You might recognize this table that I chalk painted back in April.  Confession: I don’t love chalk paint.  Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I do not like the finish.  I’m sure someone will be knocking on my door any minute to take my DIY Blogger Card but about a week ago I painted it semi-gloss white and moved it into my bedroom.

Now it’s in my kitchen

table5And I like it so much more!


To finish off my little distraction project I moved the third shelf to over the fridge.

Now that the fun’s over it’s time to get back to cleaning.



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