The weather the last couple of weeks has been amazing!  Rain almost everyday and high temperatures in the 80s.  This means that I’ve been spending a lot of time working in my garden (mostly weeding but also harvesting peppers, squash and zucchini!)  and noticing all the creatures that now live in my yard!

First, the rain has brought slugs



They kind of gross me out if I think about them too much but they’re fascinating to watch!



I also have this cute little praying mantis



who almost looks like he posed for this picture, doesn’t he?

This morning I went outside to pick up Henry’s toys (he now has TWO bins!) so I could mow.  I bent down to pick up a bone when I noticed this:



It didn’t move as Henry cavorted around it or when I got in close to take this picture so I assumed it was dead.  It was too pretty to be run over by the lawn mower so I picked it up to move it.  And it moved.  I’m not sure if it’s dying or just chilled but it let me move it to a plant on my patio (where it has stayed for a couple of hours.)

b4I don’t know if you can tell how big it is from the pictures, but it’s huge.  It’s body is as long as my palm and it’s wings are wider.  I love it and want it to stay forever.



On a side note though, how creepy is that face??

*okay, if you’re afraid of spiders, stop reading now.  seriously.*

One evening I was out weeding in my pepper planter when something scampered by.  I thought, “was that a spider?” and then, “no way, that was too big to be a spider.”

Guess what?



It was a spider.

I didn’t see it again for a couple of days until one morning last week when I walked out the back door to this:




I know, it’s hard to tell how big he is but those are elm seeds to the left if that helps with the scale for anyone.

Commenters on Facebook and Instagram tell me that this is a wolf spider and that it will kill pests in my yard so I’ve left him alone.  For now.  We have an agreement that as long as he stays outside, he won’t die.  So far he has respected that boundary!

I’m gearing up for my yard sale this Friday and Saturday and I’m hoping that when it’s over (and I have reclaimed my living room) I’ll have more time and space for projects (and posting!)



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