First, I love my patio.  I love sitting out there in the evenings surveying my land (ha!) and watching Henry cavort in the grass.

But it was sadly neglected while my whole house purge was going on.  Now that that’s over and all my extra stuff has either been sold or carted to the thrift store I finally had time to focus on getting this outdoor space back in order.


The lights wouldn’t stay up

patio5there was sawdust

patio6chairs and dog toys everywhere.

I started with the lights and found that the problem seemed to be in the way they were hung.  Before I had them running vertically from the house to the planters and the wind just kept taking them down.

patio2This time I ran twine from the house to three hooks on the planters and then ran the lights across them.  We’ve had some awesome storms the last couple of days and they’ve stayed up so far!

lightsAnd at night?  Well, perfect!

patio7After the lights were up all I had to do was spray off all the sawdust and put all the furniture back.

patio8Now I can sit in any of the chairs without getting covered in sawdust!



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