Garden 2015, What Went Wrong

I tried to have a garden last year but it just didn’t work out so you can imagine my excitement when things started growing this year!

I started a bunch of seeds inside and then moved them to the garden in May.  It rained everyday in May so everything grew like crazy.  Just a month ago I had high hopes for my garden but fast forward to this month:


By the beginning of August I had lost one pumpkin plant to squash bugs.

This week:


They’re both gone.

So I ripped them out


I was really sad to lose them.  I had big plans for those pretty blue pumpkins in my fall decorating plans.  Next year, I hope.

Of course, my squash and zucchini plants weren’t safe either:


Gross.  I did a lot of research on squash bugs and decided that there was no way for me to get rid of all of them this year so I ripped up the squash and zucchini too.


Next year I need to stay on top of these-this year I really should have cut off all the leaves that had eggs on them and I need to go out each morning to kill any adults that I missed.

I did bag all the plants in thick, black trash bags, sealed them tight and took them right out to the trash in hopes that no bugs (or at least not as many) will winter over in my soil and come back out next spring.

Any other advice?  It’s so sad to invest so much time growing stuff only to have little bugs take out everything!

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I (by some miracle) did right this year!



2 thoughts on “Garden 2015, What Went Wrong

  1. I think you had the right plan for next year, and that is to daily walk around your garden looking for critters. Then step into action straight away. The past three years my gardens were a dismal disaster. Bugs, marched right on in and ate everything. I searched on the internet for solutions, and sprayed my beans in the early morning hours, resulting in burning the entire plant. So, if you try things, start off small ( a small section of the plant first) to see its reaction.. I’ve learned a big lesson from last year. This year has been the best ~ probably due to the darn yellow jackets building a nest underneath my newly make permaculture bed .. but on a good note they have left me alone, as long as I give them their space in nature, and they’ve eaten up all of the nasty bugs that might eat my plants. I think if we work with nature instead of against it our garden will offer up a bounty of food to enjoy.. take notes on what you did this year, and keep a log.. it helps….

    Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura

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