Last week I showed you the bad and ugly, here’s what worked in this year’s garden:


Jalapenos, habaneros and poblanos


Oh man, I can’t wait to roast and stuff those!


Cherry tomatoes and tomatillos.


Cucumbers, beets and nasturtiums.


I’m so excited to pickle these!


Beans (the first harvest has already been pickled!)

I even had some success with non-edibles this year!


This container of geraniums and morning glories are by my back door


and they’ve almost reached the roof!


Finally, the sunflowers growing along my side fence are huge!


I already have big plans for next year-some things will stay the same (sunflowers, peppers) and some things will move (tomatoes, pumpkins) to some new raised planters.

I’m waiting for some free time so I can build the new planters and I still need to post about all the other projects I’ve been doing around my house…hopefully I’ll be able to find the time soon!



3 thoughts on “Garden 2015, What Went Right

  1. So beautiful.. Have fun cooking, serving, and eating all the abundance. We didn’t have sunflowers this year and I really miss them. Again, so beautiful. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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