How I Fixed My Leaky Toilet

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that the toilet in my hall bathroom runs. all.the.time.  When I got back from Denver on Monday I noticed that the bathmat was wet and tracked it back to the base of my toilet.  Gross.

I thought I needed to replace the wax ring under the toilet so I watched lots of YouTube videos and felt confident that I could do it.  When I talked to my dad this morning he said that it was unlikely that the toilet was leaking from there so I went back to Google.

Google lead me to this video and this one which lead me to the hardware store.


Really, I should have known that the leak was coming from the handle but I guess I didn’t think that was possible.

When I got to the hardware store I realized that I should have paid attention to A) the make of my toilet and B) the placement of the handle.  I didn’t.


So, I paid more money for the “universal” models of the handle and flapper.  The flapper was in decent condition but I figured I’d replace it while the tank was empty and I was replacing the handle.


I also go the “water saving” model because, why not?

The handle came off easy and I noticed that the bolt was starting to crack and thought that might be what was causing the leaking.


I got the new handle on, turned on the water and….leaks.


And then, light bulb!  Can you see how high up the water level was getting in my tank?  Turns out that’s over the hole for the handle.  So, I adjusted the float and….NO LEAKS!


Now I need to scrub the toilet and floor and bleach the bathmat.  BUT, I FIXED MY FREAKING TOILET TODAY!

On another note, I’ve decided to change things up and have started a new blog.  After today I’ll be at good little house!  My first post is up and it’s a recap of year two-I hope you’ll go check it out!



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