Hall Closet

I always feel like my house is a mess.  My nice friends would tell you that it’s not but I think they’re just being nice.

With two long haired pets my floors always need to be swept and vacuumed and I always seem to have random things lying around.  Last week I realized that I never put things away because I don’t have good places to put them.  So with that realization I started my major house reorganization.

Yesterday I realized that I have five closets (one a big walk-in) in my 1000 square foot house.  And it’s still disorganized.  And it needed to change.

So I decided to start with my small hall closet.


This closet has held kitchen items, cleaning supplies, tools, a cat bed and boxes.  Obviously all important stuff.

I knew that I wanted to store my vacuum, broom and mop in here rather than my laundry room and that involved taking out that lowest shelf.  The shelf wasn’t attached to anything but it was too big to just lift out.  So I beat it with a hammer until i broke in half.


And it’s funny that even after removing a shelf I seem to have more room in here!

I love little projects like this-in less than an hour I removed some clutter and got one more space organized!



First Time Lawn Mower

My yard has come a long way in the last year. Last July it looked like this and this March the backyard looked like this.  Because there was so little, well, grass, in my lawn I didn’t need a real lawn mower.  I had been using an old fashioned reel mower which meant that mowing my lawn involved me pushing that mower all around my yard (through some nasty weeds) and once I was done I was hot and sweaty and exhausted.  Then I had to rake the whole thing.  I hated it.  So I put off doing it as long as possible which meant that the grass and weeds were long and even more difficult to mow through.  It was a vicious cycle.

With all the rain this year my lawn has grown like crazy and I could no longer keep up with it with the reel mower.  My life saving mother came over a couple of times with her lawn mower and cut it back for me but that wasn’t a good permanent solution.

So on Monday my new lawn mower came and I finished putting it together Tuesday morning (in less than 5 minutes!) and got to mowing.


I’m going to be honest here, I was scared.  Somehow in my 35 years I have never mowed a lawn with a real lawn mower.  The first thing that scared me was adding the gas.  I think I have a healthy fear of things exploding so holding that gas can had me kind of on edge.

Obviously, I got the gas in the mower with no explosions.  Whew!


Still nervous, I started it up and took off.  Again, spoiler, no limbs were lost in my first lawn mowed.  Whew x2!

Are you ready for some before and afters?


That grass was long…and kind of wet from dew but I knew that waiting until it dried out meant that I’d be mowing in 80° plus temperatures so I carried on.


The mower got bogged down a couple quite a few times, I think because the grass was so long and still kind of damp.  You better believe that I won’t be letting it get that long again!


Yes, I still need to do the edges but by the time I was done mowing it had gotten pretty hot so I decided to save it for another day.


While I had a more than healthy fear of the lawn mower, Henry had none.  He ran circles around me, barking and placing bones and sticks in my path.  He would not stop so he ended up locked in the house until I was done working.

I’m sure by the end of this summer my lawn mowing excitement will fade but this week I’m pretty proud of myself!


A Tease

I have a project planned in my laundry room but before I could start I had to do some prep work.



This wall (between the two doors and above Henry’s food) has seen a lot of different decorations.



a coat rack



a wire picture hanger



and framed photos.

And that’s not even all of them!



Because so many different things have been hung on this wall it was in pretty bad shape.  So before I can put up anything new I have to patch all those holes.

(side note-the paint can in this picture is actually the ceiling color.  Even after several minutes of shaking and staring at the green paint on the front I still didn’t notice until I opened it up.  Oops!)

lr4See?  A lot of holes!



Once the spackle dried I put on a coat of paint (Valspar Birchwood White) and since I already had a wet paint brush and the paint was mixed I also went around and touched up all the places that have gotten dinged up over the last year.

Confession- Spiders LOVE my laundry room.  There are always at least 3 spindly guys hanging out on the ceiling in here and when they venture down low enough I smash them.  With the nearest, thickest soled shoe I can find.  Instead of wiping up the spider guts I leave them on the wall.  I believe that the smeared spider body on the wall serves as a warning to other spiders to stay away.  So, while all the supplies were out, I also painted over the smashed spiders (there were no chunks, fyi.)  That’s weird, right?



That view will be different by tomorrow night!

Some hints about this project:

1.  It’ll fill up that space

2.  It’ll be pretty and functional

3.  I’ll have to use my saw (yay!)

Can’t wait to hear your guesses!




I Got Nothin’

I haven’t measured for baseboards.

Or bought a rug for the kitchen.

Or drawn up ideas for my kitchen island.

Or planned anything for the shelves in my kitchen.

But I have binge read some blogs (this one tonight) and taken some pictures of tonight’s amazing sunset:



First it was all light an water colorey



and then it turned all dark and scary.

Hopefully that’s a sign that we’ll finally get a storm!

My mud backyard needs to freeze up again!



It has taken me 2.5 days to (mostly) clean 2 rooms.  On Friday my house looked like this.



and this



and this.

So, naturally, I decided to



bake cookies



and go thrift shopping (where I found that huge frame)



and cuddle with my (lap) dog.

Don’t worry though, I did get a lot done



Everything is moved back into the kitchen and everything is wiped down and ready to use.



And Prudie’s chair is in its new spot.



And the living room just needs to be de-clutterd and vacuumed.

Luckily that’ll be easy to do when I get off work tomorrow!


I Like Winter When:

1.  the snow covers the mud pit backyard.



I know once all that melts (could be tomorrow with all the rain in the forecast) it’ll be worse but for tonight, it’s pretty white fluffy snow.

2.  my furnace works.



It’s been working like a champ since I had it fixed last month but I always get a little nervous when the temperature outside drops and I wait to hear it rumble on and kneel down on the floor by the vents to wait for the hot air to kick on.  I’m relieved every.single.time I feel it.  (ugh, I need some touch up paint around the thermostat.)

3. I have nowhere to go.



I love my house and I love being here and there’s nothing better than sitting on the couch in my comfy socks, making a blanket, smelling my fire roasted marshmallow candle (seriously, it’s the best holiday scent!) and watching old episodes of Scandal.

4.  it makes my dog do this:



(I’m holding a snowball in this picture)

and then this:



5.  I get glimpses of Spring.



These are the geraniums that were in the big pots on my tree lawn.   My mom moved them into a pot inside and they’ve been in front of a window and have gotten very little attention from me.  Apparently that’s a good thing cause look at this guy go!

I have a much longer list of things I don’t love about winter (driving, the bottoms of my pant legs always being wet, Henry’s footprints covering my freshly cleaned floors, etc) but today I’m looking on the bright side!