Bathroom, Phase I: Complete!

When I moved into my house the bathroom was purple:



Then it was blue



And now it’s purple again.

And Phase I is complete!

bathroom Collage

New paint, check

Baseboards, check

Bead board, check

(tile in the surround and the floor will be a couple of months down the road)

So now my bathroom looks like this:



The rope mirror is by the door



And I have a new basket for my small products for guests to use



And that shower curtain!



EXACTLY what I wanted!



In pictures it’s looking kind of brown but in real life it’s grey.  And perfect!



Once the baseboard was painted I caulked all the edges and figured that since my hands were already messy, I’d go a head and caulk around the door trim and down the seam where the bead board met the trim.




It’s amazing how something so cheap (less than $3 for a tube of it) and easy (seriously, so simple!) can make such a big difference!

I spent under $100 on this project, including paint, trim for the picture ledge, picture frames, printing the pictures, wood for the baseboards, the shower curtain and all the decorative items- a small amount for such a huge change!

And to think, at one point this room looked like this:


: )



Bathroom Baseboards

I just can’t stop.  I spent all day today doing this:



That’s right, after doing baseboards in the hall and most of the kitchen (stupid geometry) I had enough left to do baseboards in the bathroom.



(sorry about that floor)



That section between the sink and wall was awful!  I couldn’t fit the nail gun in there to secure the long piece so I used the small piece at the end to hold up the long piece.  Make sense?  And seriously, caulk is amazing.  That huge gap in the corner was easily covered up!

I also put some shelves up over the toilet.



I used these brackets and boards stained with some left over Jacobean stain.

I think normally these shelves would be centered over the toilet but the toilet isn’t centered on that wall and I think that would have looked weird, so I didn’t do that.



Extra hand towel, a lantern, sea glass and a candle



Ikea candle sticks (from the living room) and toilet paper.

Extra storage, easy and pretty!

Now I just need that dang shower curtain to get here so I can show you the whole room!


All About That Base*

(*credit to my mother for that title!)

If you asked me right now to take a ring to Mount Doom to destroy it, I would do it.

And if you told me that there was a virus going around that turned people into zombies, I wouldn’t care.

Let’s go skydiving, climb Mount Everest or run a marathon.

Because today, I’m unstoppable!



Today I put up baseboards in my hallway and most of my kitchen.  I cut every piece (to the right size every time!) and nailed them up there!



As you can see, I wasn’t too careful when I was staining because I knew it would all be covered by the baseboards.



I figured I’d start here and work into the hallway.  It was a lot of cuts but a less visible area so I thought it would be a good place to practice my cutting and nailing.



The living room and my bedroom and bathroom still have the original baseboards so I used boards of the same width and just butted them up against each other at the corners, like they did with the original ones.



These walls were rough at the bottoms, but not any more!



You can also see how uneven the floors are.  I’m not worrying about it.  There are some gaps at the tops due to wavy walls and some gaps along the bottom due to slanty floors.  But I don’t care!



I worked my way around the kitchen, skipping the two corners that meet at weird angles.  I’ll come back to those once I have a way to measure the angle.



I wasn’t sure about what to do in these spots by the cabinets.  My saw won’t cut out a notch for the wood baseboard to go under the toe kick



so I’m going to fill in that gap with more base cove.



Can you believe how good that looks?!?  I did that!



I filled in all the holes and started painting tonight.  Because I have it on hand, I’m using white semi-gloss.  I know that I should have painted it before I installed it but the weather today has been iffy and I didn’t want to risk having them outside during a snow storm.  They’re going to take a couple of coats and then I’ll caulk around the edges to fill in the gaps.

In addition to all of that, I have stain drying on some shelves for the bathroom and a brand spanking new rug on my kitchen floor so stay tuned- this is going to be a good week!



Bathroom Picture Ledge

Yesterday I finished painting my bathroom and started a small project that capped off the bead board I put up almost a year ago.  You may remember that I really wanted to put a ledge across the top of the bead board but it was too wide and wouldn’t allow the door to open.  Whoops!

The bead board has been finished enough for the last year but yesterday (after tripping over my compressor for the millionth time) I realized that adding some trim would be the perfect first project for my nail gun.



I went to the lumber yard in town and picked up a piece of trim that was at least 2″ wide (this is 2 1/4″) and not too thick (you know, so the door would open.)  I found the perfect piece for $5.  $5!

First, I’d like to note that I cut that piece of trim down…to the perfect length.  I’m getting better!

After FIVE phone calls to my dad I finally figured out how to use my nail gun and hang this sucker up!



It was easy peasy and SO.MUCH.FUN!



If you look at that picture closely, you can see that I got a little overzealous with the nails.  I just couldn’t stop.  So I had to fill a lot of holes.



I painted it in semi-gloss white because I learned my lesson.



And I gave the bead board, door and trim a new coat of paint too.

I know it’s hard to tell but this creates a little ledge to set things on.



I can’t put anything too wide up there but I’m happy that I can move stuff around without putting a million holes in the wall.

Over the weekend I picked up three picture frames ($12.99 each, down from $45.99, score!) from Michael’s and thought I’d hang all three up on this wall.  It turned out that three were a little too crowded so I just used two.



I used pictures I’ve taken on vacations and blew them up at Wal-Mart to 11×14 for less than $6 each.  bp5


That one is of the Kilauea Lighthouse in Kauai



And that one’s from somewhere along the Oregon Coast.

I wanted pictures that A) I took and B) were of the ocean but not overly beachy.

I have yet another project to do in here and I’m waiting for my new shower curtain to come in and then I’ll be done with Phase I of my bathroom redo.


A Day Delay

After spending 24 hours down with what I can only assume was food poisoning, I’m anxious to finally finish painting that dang bathroom!

I felt better tonight but didn’t think it was smart to climb a ladder so soon after puking up everything I ate.  Sorry, I know that’s gross.

On the bright side though, I did do a few things for the bathroom today.

First I ordered a new shower curtain.  This one and man I can’t wait to get it!  I thought the brighter bathroom could use a little something dark and, well, I just love it.

Second I did this



That’s a door knocker turned towel hanger.  I bought that from Pottery Barn (on super clearance for under $20!) before I even bought my house.  The front screws off so you can put stuff in there and I had envisioned leaving cute messages welcoming my friends to Bunko, Pinterest Parties, game nights, etc but it’s been sitting in the entry closet since I moved in because it was a pain to hang on the front door.  I’m not really sure how it occurred to me to put it in here but I’m really happy with it!

Tomorrow I’m getting on that ladder and finally finishing this room!  How can something so small take so much time to get done?!

On a not-at-all-bathroom-related note, this will be here tomorrow!

Now I’m off to down some Gatorade and head to bed so I can get back to work tomorrow!



Kitchen Shelves

That’s right everyone-I finished something!

But before I show you how awesome they look, let me show you some changes I made to my to do list chalkboard:


I wasn’t happy with how chalk wrote on this board so I bought these.  Rather than breaking it down by season, I just made a big huge list of things I want to get done.  Some probably won’t happen this year but I thought I’d be ambitious!


Oh, and I added things that were in progress, knowing they’d get checked off quickly.  There’s nothing quite as motivating as feeling like you’re getting stuff done!

So, since that’s checked, check out the process I took to get these shelves up.

I got the brackets up earlier in the week (they’re these)


and then I got a 1x12x8 board from Lowe’s and cut it into thirds.


Then each board got f o u r  coats of white, semi-gloss paint.


and then I put all my crap on them.


Cake plates on the top shelf, canisters on the second (I’m planning on switching to all glass) and wine and mixers on the last one.  After looking at these pictures I realized I didn’t put my cookbooks up there so now I need to go round those up.  These three shelves cleared off the top of my buffet and a whole section of my counter top.  And they look pretty.

I’m sure I’ll add more to these shelves, you know, as I get more wine decorations.

I have two more days off before I have to go back to work so I’m planning on making a big push to finish painting in the bathroom before Monday.  Maybe by then I’ll be in love with the color.