Can’t Blog, Too Busy Pinning

Now that my kitchen floor is done I’m going to sit back and relax.  Maybe do some knitting, watch some cooking shows, take a brea-yeah right!

My dad suggested an island for my kitchen and now I’m obsessed with the idea.  So, naturally, I’m going crazy Googling and Pinning ideas like:



Colorful!  Open shelves!  Pretty legs!  (found here)



Ooooh that towel rack!  Butcher block! (found here)



Slatted shelves!  With baskets! (found here)

Of course I’ll also need these



and this



to tie the room together!



Bathroom Inspiration

I love every room in my house.  Except the hall bathroom.  I’ve been thinking and pinning and googling and kept going back and forth on paint colors.

I thought about a tan (maybe the same color that’s in my living room??)



Or maybe light grey (like the entryway)



Sure, both would be nice but I kept coming back to a light purpley gray.  I’m not usually a purple person so I want this to be more grey than the purple that was here when I moved in:





The universe must be on board with my idea because I keep seeing soothing, purple greys everywhere.  You know what convinced me though?  A scary movie.  Sinister is scary.  At least I think it is, I didn’t actually see the whole movie.  Some clients at work were watching it last week and I went into the room at a moment when they were showing a bedroom.  With beautiful purpley grey paint.  I searched and searched for a picture on line but couldn’t find a good one so you’ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.  No, don’t watch it, just stay tuned for my repainted bathroom 😉



In my searches I pinned all of these colors.  None of them are what I want.  The top row is too much.  Too purple and too pink.  The middle row is oooookkkkkaaayyy but not it.  The bottom row is too light.  Call me Goldilocks.

Looks like I need to spend some time with some paint chips and some sample pots of paint to narrow this down.  Luckily, the floors are my first priority so I have some time to find the perfect paint color!


Looking Back

Before my house was mine I was living in my parents’ house, looking at lots of houses and wishing and praying for a house of my own.  While I was waiting I furiously pinned ideas, paint colors and furniture and made this binder:



In it are pages for every room with paint colors, curtains, rugs, furniture and decorations.  I made this binder and then never opened it during the early days of crazy construction and then moving.  So, let’s see how well I remembered what I wanted to do:



Light grey on the walls with coral accents and of course, that mirror (this one a housewarming present from my brother and his girlfriend.)  The brick is on the floor and I ended up finding a shade to put on the light in here that I like more than the fixture in my original plan.  I won’t mess with the closet-it’s too narrow and I want to keep the original door.



Blinds will come in September and I got that curtain rod months ago.  While I still love those curtains, I found myself keeping this room lighter than I had originally thought I would.  I don’t remember where I was going to put that grey (although there is some on the picture ledge) but I did put a pretty blue green on the walls.

LR collage1


I was set on chocolate brown on the walls in here until I realized that the dark color wouldn’t let the baseboards shine.  I was undecided about what color to do in here until my mom’s friend offered me this free paint.  I’m so happy I gave up the dark paint for this light tan.  I think it kind of fades into the background and lets the floors, trim and furniture take center stage.  Again, blinds next month but notice the curtain rod.  I still want that couch BAD but I’m still saving.  The free, dark wood dresser is a nice antique alternative to the mass produced fake wood media stand that I thought I wanted.



Green walls, wood tones, silver platters and curtains, check, check, check, check.  I still love that tile but now I think I’d like something more neutral and I still haven’t decided on whether I’m going to buy blinds for this window yet.



Done-waffle weave shower curtain, beadboard, and beachy decorations.  The bathmat and whale soap dishes were my first purchases for my house.



I went with white blinds instead of wood and I took down the yellow chevron as soon as I found this duvet.  The original bedding I wanted was flowery (pretty, but girlier than I wanted) and I’m so happy with the change.  I like this bed frame more than the metal one I originally liked and stayed with gold accents in here.



My plan for my bedroom was grey and white with lots of texture.  This headboard was $7 from a thrift store.  While not the clean lines of the one I liked first, I like it better because it’s old and I got a great deal on it!  I’m happy with my solid light grey curtains (still love these but the greys don’t match) and have added mirrored and silver accents around the room.  I would L O V E  the lights on the wall by the bed (and the ones I love are just plug ins) but the outlet on that wall doesn’t work so I haven’t bought them yet.

I’m busily working on things I want to add in each room so hang around a year and see how much I get done!



I love my tiny digital camera.  It’s not fancy but it’s tough and small which makes it perfect for taking everywhere with me!

While in Oregon last month I took a ton of pictures.  Most of them were random-no family, no landmarks-but all things that I wanted to remember when I got home.

For example:


A picnic bench at a scenic lookout.  Why?  I love these colors-the grey cement, the black rocks, the weathered wooden bench and of course, those greens!  I have no idea where I can use this color combo, but believe me, I’ll be looking!


These were the adorable centerpieces at the reception.  It reminds me how much I love red and aqua together but my favorite part is that mossy wood slice in the middle!


These windows were on one entire wall at the Deschutes Brewery.  I’m now obsessed with finding a bunch of these multi-paned windows to put all the way around my laundry room.  The best part though, was that the middle section of each one opened (see the tiny, tiny knobs?) so you could still get some air moving around.


Oh these lights!  They were strung over a brick patio at the reception.  Now I’m glad I obsessively bought a bunch of boxes of the round Christmas lights when they went on clearance.  You better believe that next summer I’ll be enjoying my backyard under a canopy of pretty, pretty white lights!

I took a million other pictures but these are the 4 I keep coming back to.  They’re now in my “Inspiration” folder so when I’m stuck for ideas or looking for a project I can dig them out and get started!