Cranberry Orange Scones

For First Christmas this year at my house I made breakfast.  My dad and I are happy with eggs and sausage but my brother doesn’t eat eggs (although he’s the egg cook) and my mom’s not a heavy breakfast kind of person so I wanted to make something that I knew my mom and brother would like.

I found this recipe and decided to go for it.



I chose this recipe because it called for fresh cranberries rather than crasins and I’m glad I did.  The fresh cranberries were a little tart (which you need with all that sugar and cream) and I think they kept the scones really moist.

scones2(side note: I’m going to be cleaning flour out of those grout lines for months)

I didn’t get many pictures of the process as I was working alone and had to keep cleaning off my hands to pick up the camera.



Look at all those cranberries!



While the scones were baking I made the glaze.  The scones have orange rind in them but no juice, so I juiced the orange and added it to the glaze.  Cream, sugar, vanilla and orange juice can’t be bad, right?

As a testament to how good these scones are, I got no pictures of the finished products.  I thought we’d eat a few and then I’d take pictures of the remaining ones.  That didn’t happen.  I think there were two left by that afternoon and my brother and I ate them.  So you’ll just have to believe me, they’re delicious and so easy to make!



Chicken With Grilled Lime Dressing

Tonight when I got home from work I searched my kitchen for something to make for dinner.  I settled on grilled chicken with grilled veggies, corn cakes and grilled lime dressing.

(I am not a food blogger and today I understand why.  It’s freaking hard to take pictures of yourself cooking!)



First I grilled onions, corn, jalapenos and limes.  Have you grilled limes before?  You should.  They get really sweet and the juice runs right out of them.



I threw some chicken breasts in a bowl with (ungrilled) lime juice, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.  They didn’t marinate for long-just while I was chopping the veggies and getting them started on the grill.



Once the corn was done (not too brown, just warm and softened) I let it cool while I started on my corn cakes.  I used two boxes of the Jiffy cornbread mix and followed the directions for corn pancakes.



Then I cut the kernels off the cobs and chopped a jalapeno and threw them in the mix




and then into a preheated non-stick pan they went.



While those were cooking I started juicing my limes.  You really don’t need a juicer, this was an impulse buy from Ross ($2.99-what a deal!) a while back and figured I should get my money’s worth.



I always mess up the first pancake.  Don’t worry, even though it was ugly, it was delicious.



Once the limes were juiced I poured them into a jar with some salt, a teaspoon of sugar and some oil.  Them I put the lid on and shook it like crazy.



Then I chopped up the chicken, onions and jalapenos and put them on top of a cake.  Then I drizzled on some of the dressing and dug in.  This would also be delicious with some avocado and some cheese but it doesn’t need it.  I thought about adding lettuce but I don’t really like lettuce.  I figure there are fruits and/or vegetables in every component of this dish so salad wasn’t really necessary. 🙂