Bloggers Closet

Have you seen this yet?  I love, love, love the idea!  It’s like an online thrift store but one where only fashionable people take their stuff to.




And this

make me really want to shop this site.  I also really want to have my own closet!  Sure I’m a DIY blogger and not a fashion blogger but I dress up!  Take the third Wednesday of every month when I go play Bunko.  Annnnnnndd when ever I’m not wearing a polo and jeans at work.  Or grubby clothes to sand/paint/clean something.  Anyways I like to look nice and wear cute clothes and sell said cute clothes to make room for more cute clothes!

But here are my hesitations:

1.  Their sizing seems crazy to me.  A size 12=XL?

2.  Also, don’t try to find any XL dresses, shirts, pants, etc… (not to mention clothes for women who really are an XL) because there aren’t any listed.  None.

3.  Would they even accept my application (when there are openings, of course) to have a closet with mostly sensibly priced items? Think less Kate Spade and more Target.

Does anyone know of a similar site that isn’t specifically aimed at twig bitches (name the movie (one of my faves!) no offense!)?  Now that I’ve started running (Couch to 5K week 3 here I come!) I’d like a place to sell my cute bigger stuff and replace it with cute smaller stuff!

The point of this post is:

it’s a boring Sunday and I’m alone at work

I want everyone to know that I’m a runner now

12 does not = XL

I want to make money selling stuff cluttering up my house so I can buy new stuff to clutter my house 😉