Back With A Lot To Do!

Whew!  Last week felt like it lasted a year and it made me long for the chaos of having a million projects going on all at once in my house.

*Next week remind me that I wanted a messy house and the exhaustion that comes a long with it!

On my very ambitious weekend to do list are:





1.  Extend the base cove around those corners to meet up with the base boards



2.  Finally cut the pieces of base board by my front door.  I say finally because they have been sitting there, leaning against the wall since we (my dad) put in the new door….the first week I bought my house.



3.  And completing the base board trifecta: put the base boards back up in the living room.  They’ve been sitting in my shed since I took them down.

side note: remember when we took them down?  Let me remind you:



Ahhh, I miss those days.  Okay, I don’t, but I do miss those base boards!



4.  Clean up and recover these thrift store chairs.  $15 each but in need of some TLC.



5.  Touch up paint in the kitchen.  I’ve had that stain hand print on the wall since I redid my floor.

Can I do it?  I don’t know but I’m sure going to try!  I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what got done, and what didn’t (because I already think I’m going to need a nap!)


Two Day To Do List

Every time I think I’m going to have an easy week and lay back on the couch (loveseat) and binge watch “Love it or List it” and “Bar Rescue,” I instead find myself knee deep in stuff to be painted, moved, hung, cleaned, organized, etc.

Take last week for example:

  • hang the shade cloth for the patiopart one and part two
  • the trunk turned dog food stationso great!
  • start filling the gaps in the kitchenhalfway done.  All I need is another tube of white caulk and to finish painting the trim over the sink

This week I have THREE days off and I’m ready!  I’m going to:

  • finish the trim in the kitchen
  • add one more layer of trim in the bathroom.  Remember that gap-it’s getting covered up!
  • caulk around the tub in the bathroom (found 3 spiders in there in less than 24 hours!)
  • make a new wreath for the front door
  • put up my new kitchen hardware
  • start (and finish dang it!) my new kitchen island

Also, if you’ve noticed the counter at the bottom of this page, you know that my one year anniversary is quickly approaching.  I have 2.5 weeks to gather up all my notes and put together some awesome posts about how far my house and I have come and what I want to get done in Year 2.


Two Day Two Do List

Last week:

  • hang the lights in the back yard.  Nope-but a good no!  It was TOO RAINY (yay!) for me to be comfortable near my metal roof on a ladder.  Safety first.
  • Do some thriftingYEP!  And more to come tomorrow!
  • finish painting the trim in the laundry room, my pallet side table and the trim around the new door-kinda done.  Laundry room paint is done and the table and the trim around the door have one coat on them but again, THE RAIN kept me from finishing it

My house is a disaster right now.  For some reason, I decided to rearrange the furniture in my living room.  I love the new arrangement but I don’t love the mess that it created in every other room of my house.  So in addition to finishing up the stuff from last week, I now need to put everything away!

And also:

  • the shade cloth for the patio should be here tomorrow so my #2 priority will be to get that up
  • I have one coat of varnish left to put on the top of my hideous thrift store trunk turned dog food holder which (weather permitting) will get done!
  • take a trip to the bigger city to get supplies to close up the gaps in the kitchen and hit up some thrift stores (still looking for a dresser to turn into an island!)

I’m excited to get started-I may even start when I get home from work tonight (who am I kidding, I’m going to watch Bar Rescue and go to sleep!)


Two Day To Do List

Last week was productive-I wanted to:

  • Start working on the basement.  Nope.  Not done at all.
  • Make a list of things still to do in the house.  No on this one too.
  • Finish the outside project  See it here!
  • Make something pretty YEP!
  • Go through my pictures and order prints.  Sigh.  Not done.

So this week:

  • Hang the lights in the back yard
  • Do some thrifting-hoping for outside furniture and some storage options for my basement
  • Finish painting the trim in the laundry room, my pallet side tables and the trim around the (new) door

It would be nice to accomplish the leftover stuff from last week but I’m not counting on it!


Two Day To Do List

I actually did stuff last week! I’m so proud of me!

  • finish tweaking in my guest room-kinda done.  I mean, I cleaned but there’s still a lot I want to do in there!
  • give some love to the rest of the backyard-I trimmed up around the roses and weeded the garden.  Be on the lookout this week for a current picture of my backyard (hint: it’s not better)
  • clean and organize the laundry room- DONE!
  • start working on the basement- I didn’t even think about this.  An outside project derailed all of my end of the week plans (but it’s going to be SO.AWESOME!)
  • make a list of things to do around the house-this haunts me.  All I do is think about what I still want to do around here.  Now I just need to get all my ideas written down (and gathered on Pinterest boards) so I can get started on them!

For this week:

  • finish the outside project (fingers crossed for tomorrow!)
  • make something pretty
  • go through all my pictures and order prints so I can get started on my “First Year” house scrapbook.

I’m tired and so ready for days off this week.  I’m hoping for low key, easy stuff around the house (that I can do in front of the TV while binge watching “Who Do You Think You Are?”)


Two Day To Do List

Last week I wanted to:

  • clean the house DONE!
  • install base cove in the kitchen DONE!
  • mow and weed eat DONE!
  • finish up my tweaking in the guest room
  • revive my weekly wrap up posts DONE!

I’m pretty proud of myself for getting 4 of the 5 done!

This week:

  • finish up my tweaking in the guest room
  • clean, clean, clean 😦
  • give my apple tree, garden, roses and backyard some TLC
  • have surprise mandatory fun with some girlfriends
  • make a new list of projects that need to be done around the house

Mix in a craft project and another wrap up post and I’ll be a busy girl these next two days!


Two Day To Do List

I want to make this a thing.  I could refer to it as TDTD List and tell you all about what I’d like to get done on my days off.  Sound good?  Good.

I work a weird job with even weirder hours and days off.  Sometimes this is nice (banks, stores, restaurants are empty!) and sometimes this sucks.  I’d love to be rich and not have to work.  Or at least have a job with more than 48 hours in a row of free time.  But I don’t.

So, here’s what I’d like to accomplish in my 48 hours off:

  • clean my house.  Honestly, this will always be on the list.  Wind+Dust+Two Long Haired Pets+Wood Floors=the constant need to sweep.
  • install cove base under my kitchen cabinets
  • weed eat and mow the lawn (or cut the grass for my southern friends)
  • finish up the tweaking I’ve been doing in the guest room
  • revive my weekly wrap up posts

I’m hoping I can do it!  I wouldn’t say I’ve been lazy lately, but I haven’t done anything BIG in a while which kind of makes me sad!  I’m also working on a revised list of things I want to accomplish in each room.  My one year anniversary of homeownership is on August 28th and I’m planning a big, “look where we started!” post.

So, what I’m saying is, stay tuned, I’m planning big things!