This weekend I went to Durango for a reunion at the college I went to.

Because I always seem to, I got stuck in traffic.  Three times.  


Luckily the longest stop (30 minutes!) was in a spot that I still had cell service so I wasn’t bored.  The third stop was on Red Mountain Pass which is equally beautiful and terrifying.  You should drive it at least once!


I haven’t been back to Fort Lewis College since I finished school in 2009 and it has changed so much!  I worked as an RA for the housing department there from 1999-2003 and then came back as a Hall Director in 2006.  I loved, loved, loved living and working on campus so when the Alumni Association announced that they were hosting a reunion I knew I had to go.

dgo24We had people from the 1960s all the way up to the 2000s represented!


It was wonderful to see people I had worked with and hear stories about other people’s experiences working in the same buildings where I lived more than 30 years later!


A small group of us stayed in one of the residence halls and I’m so glad we did!  I had already forgotten how small our rooms (and those beds!) were!  (The room above is an RA room so it’s smaller than the rooms for residents.)


The college is on a mesa above Durango and on Saturday morning I couldn’t resist walking out to the rim to see the clouds around the mountains.


We spent Saturday walking around town and doing some shopping.  And I took tons of pictures of old things!




My friend went into a bookstore and I followed her.  And I regretted it.


The whole store was like that.  I was overwhelmed and immediately had to go back outside.


The yarn store?  Amazing!  Beautifully organized and so colorful-just what I needed to recover from the bookstore!


We ended Saturday wit a BBQ on campus, some storytelling and a gorgeous sunset.

On Sunday I met up with another friend, got a much needed pedicure and enjoyed catching up and relaxing!

I took this week off from work and since there was a Home Depot in Durango, I stopped by and picked up lumber for a couple of projects I have planned.


Because you can take the girl out of her house but you can’t take the house out of the girl!



Denver Thrifting


After a long drive over the snowy mountains (that involved almost 2 hours of weather delays) I finally made it!  My brother and I made the round to a bunch of thrift stores and while I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for I’m pretty happy with what I got:

Here’s most of my loot:


Three shirts and a dress, white canister and bowl, an odd duck picture, new pillowcases, a huge vase, cool shaped metal tray, a colander and a weird duck wall hanging


Blue and black shirts-$2.99 each

Striped shirt-$3.99












Duck wall hanging thing-$3.99


Not pictures are the TWO perfectly sized, brand new, still in bubble wrap picture ledges.  TWO of them for $2.99.  Yeah, that was definitely the steal of the day!

I noticed this morning that there’s a Goodwill next to my hotel so I’ll probably hit that up before the baby shower today 🙂


Filling a frame

Remember this post?

What started off as a joke turned into an obsession.  I thought and thought and thought about it and decided I NEEDED to order one of those Kauai prints.  So I did:


Okay, so this one wasn’t in that original post but some of the artist’s other work was.  As I was browsing through those I found this one and went for it.  When my family was visiting Kauai we went to this lighthouse several times.  We saw whales and monk seals and even ran into some people from the tiny Colorado town just 9 miles from us.  I knew I had to have it.


I know it doesn’t match my Pike Place print perfectly but I love that they’re from two awesome places that I’ve been.  I don’t have any trips planned to exotic locations this year (unless you count Oregon and Michigan!) but hope to get prints from those places too

I ordered this one here and I see at least one more in my future!

For now I’m happy to finally have something in that frame!


Old House Obsession

Last month I spent a few days in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I went to the Aquarium


And saw the USS Lexington


But more than the exotic fish, cool history and delicious food what I loved most were the old houses.  They (the city? Historical Society?) relocated most of the old homes to one block in town and I could have spent hours wandering around drooling over the pretty colors, gingerbread trim and wrap around porches.


That detail in the gable!  The gingerbread!  Even the salmon pink!



LOVE those windows!


Tan and white with an aqua ceiling?  YES!  Two story, wrap around porch?  *swoon*


LOVE everything about this!  The hardware!  The light fixtures! Those brackets!  And of course that awesome arch!

Am I crazy?  Do other people obsess over these details like I do?  I would have picked a lock and lived there forever (no electricity or plumbing and all!)