DIY Window Box

I’ve been dreaming about window boxes for two years.  This weekend I realized that I have no reason not to make one.  So I did.

wb1I don’t love the light blue on my house.  I think during the summer when there’s tons of light it washes everything out.  Between the silver tin roof, super light blue siding and white trim, you can’t really look straight on at my house-it’ll blind you!  So I thought a window box would add a nice pop of color out here.

wb2I had some cedar boards leftover from another project so I cut three to the same length (49″.)

wb4The long boards made the front, back and bottom and then I cut out smaller boards for each end.

But, that’s kind of plain so I decided to jazz it up a bit.

wb5While at Lowe’s yesterday I picked up a couple narrow redwood boards, cut them to size and nailed them to the front.  This added some dimension and interest to the window box but also covered the screws I used to hold the box together.

wb6Then I filled all the nail holes and caulked every crack.  That took a while.

wb7When it was finally time to paint I was kind of done being outside.  It was hot and windy so I decided to come inside and paint in my living room.  Henry was done too, I think he’s starting to remember how much he hates summer and being hot.  (You can see here that I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, that’s important!)

wb8I slathered on two coats of Hale Navy on the outside of the box and then painted a couple of inches down the inside and under the bottom.  Obviously the dirt will cover the unpainted inside of the box and it’ll hang close enough to the ground that people won’t notice that the bottom isn’t painted.  Don’t tell.

wb9Once it was dry I hung it up.  No, I struggled and used every body part I have to hold it against the wall while trying to screw it up there.  There was a lot of cussing, but I got it!

I didn’t take any pictures of it head on, those will come once it’s planted.  These pictures from an angle make it look weird and uncentered.  I promise it’s not.

wb10I’m thinking I need lots of orange, yellow and green in here-I can’t wait to plant!

To be honest, I don’t know how much this cost.  I used about $7 worth of the redwood and probably $10 in cedar for the box.  The paint, screws, nails, caulk and wood putty I had on hand, don’t you? ; )

I’m already planning a window box for my kitchen window and my bathroom window.   And maybe the living room and both bedrooms.