Thank You

It was about this time last year that I got the keys to my house, wait, I didn’t get keys.  The house was a foreclosure and was secured by a padlock so after allllllll the papers were signed (papers we almost didn’t have, by the way) the representative from the bank(?) I don’t really know who owned the house before me, followed me over here and unlocked the door.  And took the padlock.  So here I was, thrilled to have a house but stuck because I couldn’t lock it.  As she has several times over the last year, my mom came over and saved the day.  I ran to the store and got another padlock and then took all of my Day 1 pictures.

019 (2)

Then I texted everyone I knew in town and put out a plea on Facebook which read:

“I don’t have any food or drinks or electricity or water but somebody come visit me!”

My friend Cortny came over for a quick tour before having to go back to work.  Then it got dark and I had to leave because I didn’t want to sit in an old, unfamiliar, dark house.


I looked at so many houses and made 5 offers before finally getting this house.  My Realtor told me during one of my heartbreaks that when it’s the right house, everything “flows.”  Boy was she right!  I had issues with every other house I found and fell in love with that prevented me from sealing the deal.  This house was actually the first house my mom looked at (peeked in the windows!) but it wasn’t a contender because at the time, it was at the top of my budget and required a lot of work.  Fast forward a year to when they dropped the asking price by HALF and I finally got to see the inside.  By the time I made the offer on this house I was not optimistic at all.  I loved the house and made the offer but figured it wouldn’t work out.  And then it did.  Holy moly.


I remember I was supposed to close earlier in the day but the Title Company hadn’t sent over the paperwork so we had to push it back to 4:00.  My sweet friend Shiloh took me to lunch to take my mind off the waiting and before I knew it I was ready to sign.  Except the paperwork still wasn’t there.  That’s when I saw my sweet, calm Realtor turn into a shark.  She made a phone call and those papers started rolling off the fax machine.  In other words, it flowed.

henry16And then came 6 weeks of frantic cleaning, painting, fixing, texturing, cleaning, working, cleaning, painting (and more cleaning) and a wedding, and Bunco, and a baby shower and then before I knew it, I was living here!

LR5eI am so grateful to everyone who helped me with this house!  My Realtor, Denna is the most patient, understanding, thoughtful person!  She stuck with me through a year of house hunting and if she thought I was crazy to buy a 100+year old fixer upper, she was never anything but supportive and excited for me.


I also have to thank friends who listened to me stress over the buying process and who have come to visit, come to my parties, stopped by, (with their babies and ice packs {remember the fall??})  followed my blog and said nice things about my crazy decorating ideas.  Love you all!


I knew I had the best family in the world before I bought my house so I’m not surprised by their gifts and kind words.  The only thing that could make it better is if one of you would come and visit me already!


 Every time I log into WordPress I’m shocked and thrilled to see how many views my posts get, even if it’s only in the 40s ;).  I’m so flattered that people chose to read my posts and follow me.  Over the last couple of months I’ve even gotten some international followers-wow!  I’m so humbled and thankful when I read my follower’s posts, they’re awesome, and they like me!  Thank you all so much for sticking with me!


My mother has probably completed 5x the number of projects than I have in this house.  She prepares my yard for the changing seasons, paints a perfect edge, stands on a ladder over a stairway, walks Henry while I’m at work,  does the nasty/hot/scary work, kills spiders and calls my house a “sweet little house.”  Which, if I was starting a blog now, would be my blog’s name.  🙂



And finally, my dad.  He made this house liveable.  Patching up the lathe, fixing leaks, putting in doors and cabinets and picture ledges and patios and drywall and tearing down sheds and dangerous half walls.


 So tonight I’m drinking champagne and watching some DVRed shows and maybe doing some crafts.  I’m excited to start Year Two tomorrow!








Looking Back

Before my house was mine I was living in my parents’ house, looking at lots of houses and wishing and praying for a house of my own.  While I was waiting I furiously pinned ideas, paint colors and furniture and made this binder:



In it are pages for every room with paint colors, curtains, rugs, furniture and decorations.  I made this binder and then never opened it during the early days of crazy construction and then moving.  So, let’s see how well I remembered what I wanted to do:



Light grey on the walls with coral accents and of course, that mirror (this one a housewarming present from my brother and his girlfriend.)  The brick is on the floor and I ended up finding a shade to put on the light in here that I like more than the fixture in my original plan.  I won’t mess with the closet-it’s too narrow and I want to keep the original door.



Blinds will come in September and I got that curtain rod months ago.  While I still love those curtains, I found myself keeping this room lighter than I had originally thought I would.  I don’t remember where I was going to put that grey (although there is some on the picture ledge) but I did put a pretty blue green on the walls.

LR collage1


I was set on chocolate brown on the walls in here until I realized that the dark color wouldn’t let the baseboards shine.  I was undecided about what color to do in here until my mom’s friend offered me this free paint.  I’m so happy I gave up the dark paint for this light tan.  I think it kind of fades into the background and lets the floors, trim and furniture take center stage.  Again, blinds next month but notice the curtain rod.  I still want that couch BAD but I’m still saving.  The free, dark wood dresser is a nice antique alternative to the mass produced fake wood media stand that I thought I wanted.



Green walls, wood tones, silver platters and curtains, check, check, check, check.  I still love that tile but now I think I’d like something more neutral and I still haven’t decided on whether I’m going to buy blinds for this window yet.



Done-waffle weave shower curtain, beadboard, and beachy decorations.  The bathmat and whale soap dishes were my first purchases for my house.



I went with white blinds instead of wood and I took down the yellow chevron as soon as I found this duvet.  The original bedding I wanted was flowery (pretty, but girlier than I wanted) and I’m so happy with the change.  I like this bed frame more than the metal one I originally liked and stayed with gold accents in here.



My plan for my bedroom was grey and white with lots of texture.  This headboard was $7 from a thrift store.  While not the clean lines of the one I liked first, I like it better because it’s old and I got a great deal on it!  I’m happy with my solid light grey curtains (still love these but the greys don’t match) and have added mirrored and silver accents around the room.  I would L O V E  the lights on the wall by the bed (and the ones I love are just plug ins) but the outlet on that wall doesn’t work so I haven’t bought them yet.

I’m busily working on things I want to add in each room so hang around a year and see how much I get done!



I bought my house at the very end of summer and knew I wasn’t going to do much until Spring.  The first priority was getting those sheds out so I could drive through to the alley




Plus, look how terrible they were on the yard side!

I also wanted to trim up the pine tree in the front yard so it wouldn’t scrape my car as I drove by



Things were good for a minute this spring but it went downhill fast:



All that green?  Weeds.  They need to be cut but it’s been too rainy the last couple of days.



The pine tree is doing well but all the gladiolas have died.



I actually think that people see the outside of my house and think I must live in a dump.  I hope to change that next year!



I’m helping my dad build these two HUGE planter boxes to put off the side of my cement patio.  Those tall posts at each corner?  For lights.  🙂



Here’s my dirt garden.  It’s doing pretty well, as you can see.  I plan to replace the picket fence in the back with the 6′ cedar fence that’s on the other two sides.  I want to relocate the picket fence to the front by the rock wall to keep people (me) from falling.



Here’s a better view of where the planters will go; on the dirt right off the edge of the cement.



You can see I’ve lost a branch on the apple tree that’ll have to come down.  I’m hoping that all the new growth at the bottom and in the center means it’s still doing okay.  I’ll have someone come out next month to prune it and let me know if she’s going to make it.



Yeah, I’ve pretty much killed everything back here.   😦  I don’t have a spigot back here and I was sick of hauling the hose so I just used a watering can but I don’t think stuff got enough water.  My pan is to call a plumber to come out and put a spigot on this side of the house so I won’t have this problem next year.



As you can see, all the roses didn’t make it.




Almost dead.


Doing alright.


Doing GREAT!  Surprisingly, this bush is the one that’s gotten the least amount of attention from me.  Sigh.



We’ve been getting great storms the last couple of days and it’s been nice to watch them roll in over the mountains in the afternoons.

Tomorrow (the 27th) is year ONE!  I can’t wait!




Master Bedroom

We focused most of our early energy on getting my  bedroom ready so I could move in ASAP.  It wasn’t terrible to begin with and just needed some cleaning and painting.



See? Not terrible.  I must not have been inspired in here though because this is the only picture I took on the first day.

Now it’s fuller and darker:




The things on the walls in here have changed probably 10,030,493,726 times so there are that many holes in the walls.  All I really want to do in here is patch and paint those and change out the ceiling fan.  Oh, and dust, I need to dust.





It’s obviously Henry’s favorite place in the house and I can’t blame him!

I’m heading out now to take pictures of the yard (hint, it’s the only place not better!) and hope to have them up tonight.

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary and I really can’t believe it!








Guest Room, Day 1 and Day 362

Ohhh, this is a good one!  The lime green is gone as are the weird copper switch plates and, oh yeah, the extra door!

guest collage1


Not that door, of course.  That leads to the craft closet.  These pictures make the paint look really blue.  It isn’t, it’s a nice dark teal.



I replaced the yellow chevron curtains



and put up aqua sheers.  I don’t think I like them.  I really wanted yellow in my curtains so I think I’m going to return them.



I’ve been reading a lot about using (new) drop cloths as an affordable option to linen curtains.  Of course I can’t keep it that simple so now I’m also reading about stenciling them.  I’ll keep you updated.



You might have noticed I moved the bookshelf from out of here when I showed you my entryway update.  I found this little cabinet on Facebook ($20) and had originally thought I would use it for my kitchen island.  It was going to take more work (adding a bigger top, longer legs, etc) so I abandoned that project.  I like it so much better in here.  It ties into the wood on the side tables and I love that woven effect on the front.  I’ll replace the handles at some point but that’s low on the priority list.

With this wrap up I’m down to one room left to show you-my room!  I have three days to get it done and, in all honesty, the only thing holding me up is I reallllllly need to wash my duvet cover.  The wonderful rain we’ve been getting has left it covered in muddy Henry prints.  It’s in the washer now so I’m hoping to get pictures tomorrow!



The Laundry Room

The laundry room was bad.  Really bad.  For a long time.



That wall on the left?  Moved.  It’s also all that was keeping a person from toppling into the basement stairs (which we all know I certainly could have done!)

It became a tool room



and then where I just stuck stuff to be out of the way



Then my dad built a bookcase to take the place of the dangerous wall



and finally we replaced the window with another door and put in a washer and dryer

which brings us to today:



The bookshelf is kind of a mess.  Prudie is messy, all the paint on the bottom shelf is messy (but I’m touching up and don’t want to keep going up and down to Spider City errr, the basement.)  The lights on top are out so I can put them up over the back patio



That wood box out there?  The project I learned to use a saw for.  🙂  The h e a v y rain yesterday kept me from finishing it but hopefully I can show you soon!



You can kind of see how I shoved the foam down into the crack behind that cabinet.  It still looks bad which is earning this room baseboards first!

I’m still putting together my plan for what I want to do in here but I’ll share it soon!



The Kitchen, a Year Later

I think this room deserves some side by sides:



I love how the green makes the cabinets seem brighter.   I also love Henry’s photobomb.



Now, I love me some beadboard but this?  This was bad. It wasn’t done well so it came down pretty quickly.  It’s all still sitting in my shed and I’d like to use it to back the bookcase in the laundry room.  There’s a lot of it so it may also end up in some craft projects too.  (Pinterest search for beadboard craft coming right up!)



I’m just so happy with how this room has changed.  I’m pretty sure this room kept buyers away-the exposed lathe, the burn on the floor, the uneven beadboard….what ever it was, I’m grateful!



Adding the cabinets and stove to this wall has made a huge difference!  It’s still easy to get through to the hallway and I love that I don’t have to walk across the kitchen to get from the stove to the sink.  Henry has a tendency to follow me around (hence his appearances in every picture!) and I’m sure I would trip over him if I had to walk from where the stove was (where the fridge is now) to the sink.  Not terrible, except when carrying a pot of boiling water!

Everything about this room makes me happy!  My new island has given me more space (no more table!) and more storage so now things are easier to get to and put away!

I don’t have big plans for this room in my second year.  Baseboards and replacing the shades on the ceiling far are about all I have left!