How I Fixed My Leaky Toilet

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that the toilet in my hall bathroom runs. all.the.time.  When I got back from Denver on Monday I noticed that the bathmat was wet and tracked it back to the base of my toilet.  Gross.

I thought I needed to replace the wax ring under the toilet so I watched lots of YouTube videos and felt confident that I could do it.  When I talked to my dad this morning he said that it was unlikely that the toilet was leaking from there so I went back to Google.

Google lead me to this video and this one which lead me to the hardware store.


Really, I should have known that the leak was coming from the handle but I guess I didn’t think that was possible.

When I got to the hardware store I realized that I should have paid attention to A) the make of my toilet and B) the placement of the handle.  I didn’t.


So, I paid more money for the “universal” models of the handle and flapper.  The flapper was in decent condition but I figured I’d replace it while the tank was empty and I was replacing the handle.


I also go the “water saving” model because, why not?

The handle came off easy and I noticed that the bolt was starting to crack and thought that might be what was causing the leaking.


I got the new handle on, turned on the water and….leaks.


And then, light bulb!  Can you see how high up the water level was getting in my tank?  Turns out that’s over the hole for the handle.  So, I adjusted the float and….NO LEAKS!


Now I need to scrub the toilet and floor and bleach the bathmat.  BUT, I FIXED MY FREAKING TOILET TODAY!

On another note, I’ve decided to change things up and have started a new blog.  After today I’ll be at good little house!  My first post is up and it’s a recap of year two-I hope you’ll go check it out!



Half Bath

I have been continuing on with the Great Purge of ’15 and so far have tackled the hall closet and my bathroom.

That’s right, the two smallest spaces in the house.
mb1Before my bathroom was cluttered and disorganized.

mb2Now I know where everything is and I have room to spare!

I took the baskets from the laundry room (where they didn’t store enough) and added some little wooden tags so I can find what I need when I need it.

mb3I also added a little polka dotted white curtain in here, patched some holes and did some touch up paint.

And now I love my bathroom!

Tomorrow, the laundry room!


A Day Delay

After spending 24 hours down with what I can only assume was food poisoning, I’m anxious to finally finish painting that dang bathroom!

I felt better tonight but didn’t think it was smart to climb a ladder so soon after puking up everything I ate.  Sorry, I know that’s gross.

On the bright side though, I did do a few things for the bathroom today.

First I ordered a new shower curtain.  This one and man I can’t wait to get it!  I thought the brighter bathroom could use a little something dark and, well, I just love it.

Second I did this



That’s a door knocker turned towel hanger.  I bought that from Pottery Barn (on super clearance for under $20!) before I even bought my house.  The front screws off so you can put stuff in there and I had envisioned leaving cute messages welcoming my friends to Bunko, Pinterest Parties, game nights, etc but it’s been sitting in the entry closet since I moved in because it was a pain to hang on the front door.  I’m not really sure how it occurred to me to put it in here but I’m really happy with it!

Tomorrow I’m getting on that ladder and finally finishing this room!  How can something so small take so much time to get done?!

On a not-at-all-bathroom-related note, this will be here tomorrow!

Now I’m off to down some Gatorade and head to bed so I can get back to work tomorrow!



My Car, My Kitchen and My Bathroom: An Update

That’s right, I’ve been a busy bee the last couple of days!

It all started on Monday when I picked my car up from the mechanic.  And paid $72.00.  Seriously, if you live in or around my tiny little town, talk to me and get this guy’s info.  He’s amazing!  I left there with a list of things that should be fixed and a plan to tackle an item at each of my next oil changes.  So, for under $100 I have peace of mind that my car will get me where I need to go safely.

That also means that my DIY projects this month can continue!

Nothing is done yet but I have



hung up the brackets for the shelves in the kitchen.  This was a huge pain!  That wall’s not level so I had to use a combination of measuring from the ceiling and eyeballing to get things mostly level.  If you check it with a level you’ll find it’s not perfect but I did throw a makeshift shelf on each one and visually it looks fine.


I did pick up a board yesterday at Lowe’s (they cut one shelf to 32″ in the store so the board would fit in my car) so all that it needs is to be cut and painted and these will be done!


I also heard back from the nice lady at Tuesday Morning yesterday.  She was able to find my transaction and I’ll be returning this rug on Sunday.  Thank goodness!


That terrible picture is of the wall above my shower in the hall bathroom.  Awesome, right?  See those spots that look wet?  There are drips like that all over the bathroom and I hate them.  So I decided to paint it a lighter color in the hopes that these wet spots would disappear.  I also went with a semi gloss finish (the blue was eggshell) because that’s what they say you’re supposed to do.


With all that decided, I opened up a beer and got to painting.  Note-this beer was really delicious and I was inspired by my new DIY role model to drink while I work.  Also note-I’m a light weight so I only had 1.


I chose Valspar Rising Star because it’s a nice greyish purple and it’s covering better that I had expected!  The only problem though, is those streaks are showing through.  Freaked out that I was never going to get rid of these, I stopped painting.  Then my friend who knows a guy who works at Sherwin Williams made a call to find out what I should do about this.  (Yes, you should ask Sherwin Williams, FYI.)  He said that dark paints don’t hold their pigment as well and so the drip marks I see are the pigment running, gross.  He also said that the eggshell finish creates drag so as the pigment tries to run, it’s slowed down by my not at all glossy finish and creates those gross spots.  Luckily, he said that there’s nothing special I need to do to paint over it and that while I initially made the worst decisions possible with the blue (dark paint, eggshell finish) I’m now making the best decisions (light paint, semi-gloss finish) and this won’t happen again.


The bathroom is only half done but it’s already much brighter, which I’m still getting used to!

Hopefully my next post will be about an actually finished project!



Finally Cutting Stuff

I’ve been struggling with this



for months.  I needed the storage above my toilet but this wire contraption was not cutting it any more.  You know what was cutting it?



This guy.  I got it at Christmas from my parents and only last week got around to setting it up



and cutting stuff.

While I was at Lowe’s last week getting the polyurethane I picked up some brackets and a board.  I had measured the space above my toilet and I knew I wanted the shelves to be two feet long and I knew that I couldn’t fit a very long board in my Jeep.  So after wandering around the lumber section of Lowe’s I found a board that was 4 feet long and 8 inches wide.  Perfect.



I measured for the top shelf and then just used my level to line up the brackets for the second shelf.



And then I put all my crap back on it.  I hated how stuff fell through those wire shelves an nothing sat level and things fell over all the time.  I got so tired of straightening it that I just didn’t.

I’m thinking these guys need some Jacobean stain on them to tie them into my dark wood floors in here but that’ll have to wait for this weekend.


Bathroom Inspiration

I love every room in my house.  Except the hall bathroom.  I’ve been thinking and pinning and googling and kept going back and forth on paint colors.

I thought about a tan (maybe the same color that’s in my living room??)



Or maybe light grey (like the entryway)



Sure, both would be nice but I kept coming back to a light purpley gray.  I’m not usually a purple person so I want this to be more grey than the purple that was here when I moved in:





The universe must be on board with my idea because I keep seeing soothing, purple greys everywhere.  You know what convinced me though?  A scary movie.  Sinister is scary.  At least I think it is, I didn’t actually see the whole movie.  Some clients at work were watching it last week and I went into the room at a moment when they were showing a bedroom.  With beautiful purpley grey paint.  I searched and searched for a picture on line but couldn’t find a good one so you’ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.  No, don’t watch it, just stay tuned for my repainted bathroom 😉



In my searches I pinned all of these colors.  None of them are what I want.  The top row is too much.  Too purple and too pink.  The middle row is oooookkkkkaaayyy but not it.  The bottom row is too light.  Call me Goldilocks.

Looks like I need to spend some time with some paint chips and some sample pots of paint to narrow this down.  Luckily, the floors are my first priority so I have some time to find the perfect paint color!