Garden in July, 2015

So far this summer has been good to my garden!  We got no rain in June but have had great, hard rain the last couple of days which has made everything (and me!) very happy.

garden1I had my first harvest this week: two squash, one zucchini and a little jalapeno.

garden2My peppers aren’t doing much.  They all have flowers but so far I’ve only gotten one jalapeno

garden15but another one is growing!  I was really hoping for a lot of habaneros that I can candy but so far I have none.

garden3My tomatoes and tomatillos are going strong!


Both of my cherry tomato plants have fruit and

garden14My tomatilloes have tons of little tiny green paper husks. (I could have a lot of salsa verde this year!)


The ground under my apple tree is littered with apples and yet, I still have hundreds growing!


Last year I could count the number of apples on my tree.  This year I can’t even count how many are on one branch!

Along the back fence are

garden7my pumpkins.  These plants are humongous!  They were growing out into my yard and I was worried that I was going to run over them with the lawn mower so I ran some twine down from the fence and have been training them to grow up.  These are a cool, blue pumpkin that I think will be so pretty grouped together this fall!

Next to the pumpkins are my beans.

garden11They also seem to be pretty happy here!  I need to spend some time over here training those outside pieces back up toward the trellis.

garden12Again, I’m hoping for lots and lots of beans that I can pickle.  Looks like that might happen!


Less than a month ago this box looked like this and now it’s spilling over with squash and zucchini!


My last planter is filled to the brim with beets, cucumbers (yes, to pickle!) and nasturtiums.  I had to add more strings down to bring the cucumbers up out of the mass of beets and flowers.  (It wasn’t until this week that I noticed that I actually had cucumbers growing!)


I just love seeing them pop out over the top of the planter and start climbing!

Overall, for my first real year of gardening, I’m thrilled!  I ate a squash and the zucchini with my dinner tonight and it was so satisfying!  Of course, I already have plans for next year (more planters) and have already started drawing up some ideas for rearranging things to make mowing and garden maintenance easier.

Last week I couldn’t wait for summer to end (sooooo hot here!) but now, with a belly full of food I grew and rain falling outside, I guess I’m okay with it lasting a couple more months.


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