Buyer’s Remorse

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bought new rugs for my kitchen?

Remember how I was so excited about the great deal I got?



It’s not feeling like such a great deal right now.



I think I’ve vacuumed it 4 times since I bought it.  And look what’s happening.  My vacuum is set for the lowest pile and yet it’s sucking up the treads of this rug and ruining it!  Those two tufts are just a couple of many and it’s getting to the point where after only a few more cleanings, this sucker will be ruined.



On the bright side, I called Tuesday Morning this morning and the nice lady is looking up my transaction.  Because of course I didn’t keep my receipt OR the tags from the rug.  Luckily the lady said that because the sale was recent and because I know the exact total of my purchase (thank goodness for online banking!) she should be able to look it up and give me credit.

So, now I wait to hear back from her to find out if I’m going to be able to return this so I can buy this (which is the one I was going to buy in the first place!)

On another keeping-my-fingers-crossed note, the Jeep is in the shop as we speak.  I got gas on Friday and tightened the cap down and, viola!, the check engine light went off!

So now I’m waiting for a call back from the mechanic so I can stop holding my breath and finally know what’s going on!  (and finally get started on some projects!)