New Laundry Room Storage

The storage over my washer and dryer looked like this


for months.  You can see that in addition to not being sturdy, that shelf wasn’t pretty either.

I’ve been searching for cabinets for a year now and haven’t found any second hand that I liked and I’m too cheap to pay full price for new so I lived with that shelf.

My dad has been in the hospital in Denver for the past few weeks undergoing his last cancer treatments (hence the sporadic blogging-sorry!) so I have been making a lot more trips to that side of the state.  One day while I was hanging out with him he told me to go find some cabinets.  I searched for thrift stores around the hospital and set out.  I couldn’t find any of them.  Some were closed down and some were only donation sites so I found myself driving further and further from the hospital in search of a thrift store.  I didn’t find one.  But, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I found IKEA.  🙂

And at IKEA, in the “as is” section, I found this:


I was willing to throw some elbows to get that thing but luckily that wasn’t necessary.  I looked it over and it was in excellent condition (and already assembled!) so I bought it.

I really wanted two cabinets over the washer and dryer but there wasn’t another one like this so I went looking for another solution.


I cracked open the box and found that this cube was white so I bought it too.  So, for $30 I found my solution!


You have no idea how hard it was to hang these alone.  I was sweating like I had run a marathon-between holding the cabinet up, keeping it level and getting the screws into the studs, I was ready to give up!  I had to walk away several times and call my dad for advice but I finally got it!

The cabinet didn’t have a shelf with it so I had to buy some pegs and cut down a board I had.


I did that!

It took me longer to style that cube than it took to hang it.


No, not right.  I hate that you can see the screws on the back and it just seemed off.


So I dove into my scrap booking paper stash and found this navy blue stripe.  I just stuck it up there with some clear tape and it seems to be holding!


I got the aloe plant from Trader Joe’s and I think it’ll be okay up there.  I’ve had other succulents that seemed to be happy in my laundry room so I have my fingers crossed that this will be too.

The frame has this printable.  I wanted a little something on that shelf but didn’t love any of those cutesy quotes that are all over Pinterest.  I really love it-and I’m hoping I’ll use it and save some of my clothes!


And here’s a view of the whole laundry corner now!  The cube needs to be moved up slightly (but I need another set of hands to do that!) and I need to replace that light bulb and I need to actually shorten those lights and finally get rid of the zip ties!

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the hard work I’ve already done!



Laundry Room

Since there are no more small rooms in my house it’s finally time to tackle something big:

lr1This is less a laundry room and more a dumping place.  This is the first room I see every time I walk into my house and when it looks like this


I’m less happy to be home.

That humongous bookshelf really should be more than enough storage but somehow it wasn’t.  So, faced with the overwhelming job of taking everything out of here, sorting it, cleaning and putting it back in, I did the most logical thing.

I made new curtains.  Yeah.


But, you see, the curtains in here didn’t match.  And one was way too long.  They HAD to go!


I won a gift card to Target at Bunko in May and when I stopped by there I found this curtain on sale.  Neutral, girly and light and airy-just want this room needed!  Since the curtain was big and the windows were small, one panel was enough to do both windows in the laundry room and the one in my bathroom.  MUCH better!

With nothing else I could use to distract me, I finally tackled the mess.  It took me a whole day and it sucked.


I have finally finished dismantling the dresser but it still has several steps before it can actually be a bench.  It fits perfectly by the door and the drawers on the bottom are perfect for shoes.

Next I moved all the white bins from my bathroom to these shelves and sorted out everything that didn’t need to be in here and now I have room to spare!


I still need to label the bins but for now they’re easy enough to pull out and see what’s in them.

Three rooms down, three to go!


A Tease

I have a project planned in my laundry room but before I could start I had to do some prep work.



This wall (between the two doors and above Henry’s food) has seen a lot of different decorations.



a coat rack



a wire picture hanger



and framed photos.

And that’s not even all of them!



Because so many different things have been hung on this wall it was in pretty bad shape.  So before I can put up anything new I have to patch all those holes.

(side note-the paint can in this picture is actually the ceiling color.  Even after several minutes of shaking and staring at the green paint on the front I still didn’t notice until I opened it up.  Oops!)

lr4See?  A lot of holes!



Once the spackle dried I put on a coat of paint (Valspar Birchwood White) and since I already had a wet paint brush and the paint was mixed I also went around and touched up all the places that have gotten dinged up over the last year.

Confession- Spiders LOVE my laundry room.  There are always at least 3 spindly guys hanging out on the ceiling in here and when they venture down low enough I smash them.  With the nearest, thickest soled shoe I can find.  Instead of wiping up the spider guts I leave them on the wall.  I believe that the smeared spider body on the wall serves as a warning to other spiders to stay away.  So, while all the supplies were out, I also painted over the smashed spiders (there were no chunks, fyi.)  That’s weird, right?



That view will be different by tomorrow night!

Some hints about this project:

1.  It’ll fill up that space

2.  It’ll be pretty and functional

3.  I’ll have to use my saw (yay!)

Can’t wait to hear your guesses!




Small Projects

Since I finished my floor I haven’t been doing much around the house.  I’m gearing up for installing baseboards and painting my bathroom and saving my pennies for new tile in the bathroom.

Since I’ve just been puttering around the house I haven’t had much to blog about so I just gathered up some small projects to share with you today.

First, Henry’s dog food trunk needed some attention.



The hinge on one side popped loose and the top had gotten pretty dingy and gross.



I gave the top a quick coat of the same poly I used on the floors and then fixed the hinge.  Henry loves it.  At least, I think he does.



This morning I finally got around to cleaning the laundry room.  Do you ever put off a project because you think it’s going to be miserable and take forever?  That was this laundry room for me.  It was still covered in sawdust, tools and debris and I thought it was going to take me all day to clean.  As it turned out it only took me an hour to do which left me time to watch old episodes of Dateline.  I really like Dateline.

Finally, I decided I needed a new wreath.  I liked the silver one but I was ready for some color!



Man it feels good to finally get around to the little things!


Flashback to: December 23, 2013

At this time last year my laundry room was still tan.  And dark.  And didn’t have a washer or dryer.  And it only had one door.  And it had a rickety half wall.

The day after I made those plans we got started.

And today it looks like this:



Cream walls and a mint ceiling.  And trim up around BOTH doors.



A bookshelf instead of a rickety wall and a washer and dryer.



A place to store clothes and cat food



And a pretty place to put all my small tools (and junk(



And a place for Henry to eat.

The only thing I didn’t do is make a bench for my recycling bins.  While I would still like a bench in here, I’ve found a better place for the bins:




I still want to fix those pendant lights and put in baseboards and put in tile on the floor but I can certainly live with it like this!


The Plan for Year Two

This list will be much smaller than last year’s but no less exhausting, I’m sure!

The Entryway



  • reattach the baseboards around the door.  They need to be cut down to accommodate the trim around the front door.
  • repaint that bookcase?  I haven’t decided yet.

The Living Room






  • re-attach the baseboards around the hearth and on the fireplace wall
  • get a gas insert for the fireplace.  ONLY if it’s a good deal.  I’m doing fine without it and Henry sure likes his bed there!

The Kitchen



  • baseboards
  • blind in the window?  I just can’t decide

The Laundry Room



  • baseboards
  • finally fix those lights.  Cut the zip ties and make them the right heights
  • put in a screen doors (I’m in love with this one) on the side and back doors.  It would be nice to have them open without having Henry run free!
  • fix the floor.  It’s uneven and creaky.  I’m thinking the same floor tiles as I want in the bathroom

The Hallway



  • baseboards!  As you can see in the picture on the right, it’s bad in there!
  • replace the doors to the bathroom and bedrooms.  I want these and I’m still deciding on knobs.  Do I do oil rubbed bronze because it’s my favorite?  Or do I brushed nickel because that’s what I have on my front and back doors?  Decisions, decisions…

The Hall Bath



  • finish putting up baseboards
  • take out the shower surround and add subway tile
  • take out the floor, level it (is that possible??) and install new tile
  • stay tuned for the whole plan!

Guest Room



  • new curtains
  • patch all the holes in the walls
  • put up the new ceiling fan
  • install baseboards


Master Bedroom



  • I have big plans for that doorway into the closet.  But it’s a surprise.
  • overhaul the master closet

Master Bath



  • all that needs to be done in here is patching holes

Front Yard



  • grass
  • dig those flower beds down so water doesn’t run right off the wall
  • replant something easier to care for
  • get the stump ground out and plant an Aspen tree


Back Yard



  • finish those planters
  • build a garden planter in the yard
  • paint the shed
  • put up the new fence and relocate the white one
  • grass
  • put in some stepping stones around the garden planter
  • prune the apple tree

I’m so proud of how far we’ve come with the house.  I’m happy that now all that’s left are things to make my life a little easier and/or prettier.


The Laundry Room

The laundry room was bad.  Really bad.  For a long time.



That wall on the left?  Moved.  It’s also all that was keeping a person from toppling into the basement stairs (which we all know I certainly could have done!)

It became a tool room



and then where I just stuck stuff to be out of the way



Then my dad built a bookcase to take the place of the dangerous wall



and finally we replaced the window with another door and put in a washer and dryer

which brings us to today:



The bookshelf is kind of a mess.  Prudie is messy, all the paint on the bottom shelf is messy (but I’m touching up and don’t want to keep going up and down to Spider City errr, the basement.)  The lights on top are out so I can put them up over the back patio



That wood box out there?  The project I learned to use a saw for.  🙂  The h e a v y rain yesterday kept me from finishing it but hopefully I can show you soon!



You can kind of see how I shoved the foam down into the crack behind that cabinet.  It still looks bad which is earning this room baseboards first!

I’m still putting together my plan for what I want to do in here but I’ll share it soon!