An Impulse Buy

I went to Lowe’s yesterday to get more wood.  Now that I have a saw, I want every project I do to involve it.  But, while I was walking through the store I passed a display of plants.  Sorry saw, we’ll hang out later!

peony1Two of these Tree peonies came home with me yesterday.  It’s funny because almost a year ago I planted my first round of peonies.  They didn’t survive.  Or did they…

peony7That’s right, while I was outside planting my new peonies I saw this.  One lone peony survivor from last year.  Yay!

When I put that fence in out front I thought I’d find a pretty little vine to grow up it but then I found those peonies and thought they’d be perfect!

My long term plan for my front yard is to run that fence all the way around and to save a little bit of time/money I think I’m going to just turn one panel at a 90° angle and run the fence across from there.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, so here’s a picture:

peony2(Obviously I’ll have to dig a little trench for the panel to fit into but for now that’s not necessary.)

So, since I know that down the road I’m going to move that fence, I decide to put the tree peony in the center of the panel that will stay in place.

peony4Luckily, the panel shows me where the center is so I didn’t have to do any measuring!

peony5The ground was pretty soft so I had the hole ready in no time.  (I normally hate mulch but I’m learning that it’s necessary here because it’s so dry.)

peony6I can’t wait to see these fill up that space with big, pretty pink flowers!  I’m confident that these will be an impulse buy I won’t regret!



Front Yard Fence

I built a fence today.  And it’s only noon!

fence6Well, technically it was already built, I just had to install it, but I did that!

fence1I hauled the fence panels, stakes and new solar lights out at about 10:00 this morning.  I would have started sooner but it was still really cold and the ground was hard so I waited for it to warm up a bit.

fence2I think I had all four panels up in less than 15 minutes-it WAS as easy as the internet said!

fence3Mostly…two posts went in super easy, one required a little muscle and three were really hard!

fence5 So I went and got my dad’s rubber mallet to try to pound the difficult ones in further.

fence7My goal was to have all the posts to the height of that middle one.  The one on the street end (on the right in this picture) went in a little further with the mallet but not as far as I wanted.  The one at the yard end?  Didn’t budge.

fence8The other side?  Easy, easy.  The first two went all the way into the ground, no problems.  That last one though?  Not having it.  I’m hoping that the problem is how hard the ground is on the yard end.  My new plan is to soak the ground really well when I water this afternoon and then try pounding them in again.  I have my fingers crossed.

fence4If you’ve been to my house at night, you know how dark this stairwell is.  Last year I bought a lot of solar lights but someone kept stealing them.  I really don’t know any other way to light this area so this year I’m trying to attach the lights to the fence with zip ties.  I’m sure the thief will still grab them, I just want it to be more difficult for him.

I’ll try to put up a quick update tonight after I (fingers crossed!) get those last posts all the way in!


Saturday Sneak Peek

As usual, I have big plans for my weekend.  Last week I ordered a solution for my front stairwell and it came today!

fence1*side note, does anyone really use the printed frames on the side of the Lowe’s boxes?

fence3Metal fence panels!  These to be exact.

fence2The internet tells me that I just need to pound these stakes through the loops on the ends of each panel and I will have a fence.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if it really is that easy!


Finally Cutting Stuff

I’ve been struggling with this



for months.  I needed the storage above my toilet but this wire contraption was not cutting it any more.  You know what was cutting it?



This guy.  I got it at Christmas from my parents and only last week got around to setting it up



and cutting stuff.

While I was at Lowe’s last week getting the polyurethane I picked up some brackets and a board.  I had measured the space above my toilet and I knew I wanted the shelves to be two feet long and I knew that I couldn’t fit a very long board in my Jeep.  So after wandering around the lumber section of Lowe’s I found a board that was 4 feet long and 8 inches wide.  Perfect.



I measured for the top shelf and then just used my level to line up the brackets for the second shelf.



And then I put all my crap back on it.  I hated how stuff fell through those wire shelves an nothing sat level and things fell over all the time.  I got so tired of straightening it that I just didn’t.

I’m thinking these guys need some Jacobean stain on them to tie them into my dark wood floors in here but that’ll have to wait for this weekend.


Drop Cloth Curtains, Part I

As I told you yesterday, my impressionable decorating mind is now on the bandwagon with drop cloth curtains.

I got the first few steps done yesterday and I thought I’d share.


I bought two packages of these for $10.98 each.  I washed each one once and hung them out to dry.  The fabric was stiff and had a weird odor straight out of the package but one wash softened it up enough for me and completely got rid of the odor.


I debated about bleaching them but I figured that could go horribly wrong and cause this “curtains on the cheap” project to add up quickly.  I figured I would see how I liked them once they were hung up and then make decisions about how I wanted to alter them.  I love that they’re fuller than the chevron curtains:


(they were pretty puny.)

I also love that the drop cloths add some more texture in here.  Originally I thought I’d stencil a pattern onto the drop cloths (these stripes are pretty and seem easy, right?) but I want to be sure I find the right yellow to compliment the duvet cover.  For now I’m going to hem them because they look like this:


Which will give me about 3 feet of fabric to work with.  I’m thinking about making some pillow cases (maybe do the stencil here so if I mess it up I can just toss it?) to tie the bed to the curtains a little better.

I also still have this


I bought this when my dad and I hit up a ReStore the day after I took my fall.  My dad thought I was crazy then and probably still thinks I’m crazy because I’ve done nothing with it.  Yes, that’s still the price tag on it.  I want to give those metal pieces on the bottoms of the legs a coat of gold spray paint and maybe sand and re-stain the legs to match the new cabinet and the side tables.  I thought about doing a pretty box pleated slip cover but I think that’s too girly.  This ottoman needs simple so I’ll probably just stable the fabric on and pull it tight.

So that’s where I stand with my new curtains.  I’ll be happy if I can just get them cut to the right length today before work cause I think throwing in some stitches (hahahahaha, iron on hem tape is more like it!) might be pushing it with the other projects I have going on!


How Many Wreaths Are Too Many?

Can I have a wreath in every room?  Because I love them and I love to make them.

I had some scraps of pipe insulator tubes (from cutting them to the length I wanted for our Pinterest wreath project) and thought I’d make a quick little wreath.



The tutorials I read on this project all said that they are hard to form into a circle.  I twisted the foam (you can see from the plastic on the left by my thumb) and it kept it in place pretty well.



I also found these olive vase fillers at Target for $1.48 and figured a wreath for less than $2 would be pretty awesome!



I knew I didn’t have enough olives to cover the whole form so I wrapped it in ribbon I had leftover from Christmas.  (You can see in this picture that the wreath wanted to not be a circle.  I just worked it and twisted it until it went back into the shape I wanted.)



And then I just started hot gluing the olives all the way around.  I trimmed off all the stems and sorted them by color because I’m a little OCD.



I knew it would be hard to put a hanger on over the olives so I planned to leave a gap.  I also wanted to make sure I liked how it looked so periodically I’d hang it up and step back to see if I had any holes.



Then I started filling in the gaps with the leaves



until I liked how it looked.

Now it’s hanging in my kitchen



with all my other random decorations.

This one was easy peasy!

The pipe insulation was about$.20 per foot and I used less than 2 feet-$.40

Vase filler-$1.46

Total for this project: $1.86.  Sweet!


On the Bandwagon

Spend 5 minutes on Pinterest and you’re sure to see two projects-drop cloth curtains and pipe insulator wreath forms.


We all know I’ve been unhappy with my guest room curtains for a while so when I started seeing those pins a light bulb went off.



I bought these from Lowe’s because that’s what everyone else is buying.  And they were cheap.  And I liked the color.

I’m also hosting a Pinterest Party this Thursday where we’re going to make fall wreaths.  Wreath forms are expensive so I figured I’d give this a whirl



Nailed it.  Seriously, I did!  I read some complaints about these but easily figured out how to fix the problems!

I’ll be back this evening with a full post about the curtains and a quick little wreath I made this afternoon!