New Laundry Room Storage

The storage over my washer and dryer looked like this


for months.  You can see that in addition to not being sturdy, that shelf wasn’t pretty either.

I’ve been searching for cabinets for a year now and haven’t found any second hand that I liked and I’m too cheap to pay full price for new so I lived with that shelf.

My dad has been in the hospital in Denver for the past few weeks undergoing his last cancer treatments (hence the sporadic blogging-sorry!) so I have been making a lot more trips to that side of the state.  One day while I was hanging out with him he told me to go find some cabinets.  I searched for thrift stores around the hospital and set out.  I couldn’t find any of them.  Some were closed down and some were only donation sites so I found myself driving further and further from the hospital in search of a thrift store.  I didn’t find one.  But, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I found IKEA.  🙂

And at IKEA, in the “as is” section, I found this:


I was willing to throw some elbows to get that thing but luckily that wasn’t necessary.  I looked it over and it was in excellent condition (and already assembled!) so I bought it.

I really wanted two cabinets over the washer and dryer but there wasn’t another one like this so I went looking for another solution.


I cracked open the box and found that this cube was white so I bought it too.  So, for $30 I found my solution!


You have no idea how hard it was to hang these alone.  I was sweating like I had run a marathon-between holding the cabinet up, keeping it level and getting the screws into the studs, I was ready to give up!  I had to walk away several times and call my dad for advice but I finally got it!

The cabinet didn’t have a shelf with it so I had to buy some pegs and cut down a board I had.


I did that!

It took me longer to style that cube than it took to hang it.


No, not right.  I hate that you can see the screws on the back and it just seemed off.


So I dove into my scrap booking paper stash and found this navy blue stripe.  I just stuck it up there with some clear tape and it seems to be holding!


I got the aloe plant from Trader Joe’s and I think it’ll be okay up there.  I’ve had other succulents that seemed to be happy in my laundry room so I have my fingers crossed that this will be too.

The frame has this printable.  I wanted a little something on that shelf but didn’t love any of those cutesy quotes that are all over Pinterest.  I really love it-and I’m hoping I’ll use it and save some of my clothes!


And here’s a view of the whole laundry corner now!  The cube needs to be moved up slightly (but I need another set of hands to do that!) and I need to replace that light bulb and I need to actually shorten those lights and finally get rid of the zip ties!

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the hard work I’ve already done!



A Distraction

My house is an obstacle course of extra furniture and yard sale stuff.

So, naturally, instead of sorting and pricing for a yard sale, I decided to do some rearranging.


It started with this table.  I bought it before I bought my house (Crate & Barrel, great condition that I got from a yard sale for $20!)  and it’s been sitting under a pile of random stuff in my guest room for a year.  While I was purging the guest room yesterday I had an epiphany-it could be perfect in my kitchen!

I thought it would fit under the shelves by the doorway to the kitchen


and it allllmost did.  It stuck out less than an inch.  I walked past it for a couple of hours and decided that I could live with it.


I took out one of the shelves and called it done.  Even though it was too big and even though it wasn’t centered.

I went about my afternoon of cleaning until about 4 when I thought I’d lay down and watch some TV in the cool air conditioning of my bedroom.

While I was laying down (watching DVRed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy-because who doesn’t love to watch the McDreamy’s Dead episode every couple of weeks??) I realized


I had the perfect table for that space in my kitchen!

You might recognize this table that I chalk painted back in April.  Confession: I don’t love chalk paint.  Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I do not like the finish.  I’m sure someone will be knocking on my door any minute to take my DIY Blogger Card but about a week ago I painted it semi-gloss white and moved it into my bedroom.

Now it’s in my kitchen

table5And I like it so much more!


To finish off my little distraction project I moved the third shelf to over the fridge.

Now that the fun’s over it’s time to get back to cleaning.


Laundry Room

Since there are no more small rooms in my house it’s finally time to tackle something big:

lr1This is less a laundry room and more a dumping place.  This is the first room I see every time I walk into my house and when it looks like this


I’m less happy to be home.

That humongous bookshelf really should be more than enough storage but somehow it wasn’t.  So, faced with the overwhelming job of taking everything out of here, sorting it, cleaning and putting it back in, I did the most logical thing.

I made new curtains.  Yeah.


But, you see, the curtains in here didn’t match.  And one was way too long.  They HAD to go!


I won a gift card to Target at Bunko in May and when I stopped by there I found this curtain on sale.  Neutral, girly and light and airy-just want this room needed!  Since the curtain was big and the windows were small, one panel was enough to do both windows in the laundry room and the one in my bathroom.  MUCH better!

With nothing else I could use to distract me, I finally tackled the mess.  It took me a whole day and it sucked.


I have finally finished dismantling the dresser but it still has several steps before it can actually be a bench.  It fits perfectly by the door and the drawers on the bottom are perfect for shoes.

Next I moved all the white bins from my bathroom to these shelves and sorted out everything that didn’t need to be in here and now I have room to spare!


I still need to label the bins but for now they’re easy enough to pull out and see what’s in them.

Three rooms down, three to go!


Hall Closet

I always feel like my house is a mess.  My nice friends would tell you that it’s not but I think they’re just being nice.

With two long haired pets my floors always need to be swept and vacuumed and I always seem to have random things lying around.  Last week I realized that I never put things away because I don’t have good places to put them.  So with that realization I started my major house reorganization.

Yesterday I realized that I have five closets (one a big walk-in) in my 1000 square foot house.  And it’s still disorganized.  And it needed to change.

So I decided to start with my small hall closet.


This closet has held kitchen items, cleaning supplies, tools, a cat bed and boxes.  Obviously all important stuff.

I knew that I wanted to store my vacuum, broom and mop in here rather than my laundry room and that involved taking out that lowest shelf.  The shelf wasn’t attached to anything but it was too big to just lift out.  So I beat it with a hammer until i broke in half.


And it’s funny that even after removing a shelf I seem to have more room in here!

I love little projects like this-in less than an hour I removed some clutter and got one more space organized!


Finally Cutting Stuff

I’ve been struggling with this



for months.  I needed the storage above my toilet but this wire contraption was not cutting it any more.  You know what was cutting it?



This guy.  I got it at Christmas from my parents and only last week got around to setting it up



and cutting stuff.

While I was at Lowe’s last week getting the polyurethane I picked up some brackets and a board.  I had measured the space above my toilet and I knew I wanted the shelves to be two feet long and I knew that I couldn’t fit a very long board in my Jeep.  So after wandering around the lumber section of Lowe’s I found a board that was 4 feet long and 8 inches wide.  Perfect.



I measured for the top shelf and then just used my level to line up the brackets for the second shelf.



And then I put all my crap back on it.  I hated how stuff fell through those wire shelves an nothing sat level and things fell over all the time.  I got so tired of straightening it that I just didn’t.

I’m thinking these guys need some Jacobean stain on them to tie them into my dark wood floors in here but that’ll have to wait for this weekend.


The Guest Room

I’m only posting this because I need some accountability.  I’m showing you these pictures to finally get myself motivated to tackle this room and I think showing you my shame will do that.


I don’t know why I call this room the guest room these days.  It’s turned into the place where I dump everything I don’t have a place for:Image


Prudie loves it though because she can hide behind all the piles :).

This mess happened because I decided I needed to clean out the two closets in this room.  One was mostly empty while the other was bursting at the seams with all my craft stuff.  I also wanted to move the picture ledges I hung over the bed (hence the orange tape) to another room.Image


I started by pulling almost everything out of that corner closet and separating the fabric and yarn from everything else.  I put this off because I thought I needed to buy a rod for this closet so I could hang things.  Imagine my surprise to find one tucked behind that white board!


Getting my fabric out of bins freed up so much space!  I’ve already used 100% more fabric this week than I have the whole time I’ve lived in this house.



An equally bothersome but not at all organization related problem is this curtain rod.  Nobody goes in this freaking room-how can it be falling down??  Hopefully this will be an easy fix…I just need to find my drill…

ImageYou might remember this bed frame from a post, oh, 8 months ago.  It used to be bright blue and hang out underneath the apple tree in the backyard.  Painting that chair inspired me to finish the frame so I’m excited to get this room cleaned up and put back together and finally show you how awesome this baby looks in the room!

I’ve been slowly chipping away at this room so I’m hoping to have an “it’s clean and put back together” post for you next week!



Room of Requirement

…or this week’s thrifting adventures.

I’ve been scouring the local thrift stores looking for a second bedside table for my guest room.  I hit a new store in town and found a few things (but no table) so I went to the consignment shop.

I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and this store reminds me so much of the Room of Requirement.  If you’re not familiar, the Room of Requirement basically is whatever the person going into it needs it to be.  If you haven’t read the books but have seen the movies you may remember it as the setting for the nail-biting broom chase-around stacks of chairs and books and shelves.  Basically that’s how this store is.  Everything is stacked up so you have to move chairs, tables, mirrors, etc to get to items you actually want.

I knew that I wanted something small, dark in color, cheap and bed height.  I was prepared to find something in horrible shape and fix it up but as I was walking the aisles I saw it: a small wicker trunk with a glass top.  I unstacked everything on top of and around it so I could really check it out (and see the price.)  Imagine my excitement when I saw the $15 (down from $48) price tag and realized it met all of my criteria!  The best part (other than the price) is that I didn’t have to do anything to it!


I was a big spender this week:




both shelves-$4 each.

I’m pretty happy that all of this came in under $45!

Here’s what I did with all of it:


The lamp is on the mantle filled with corks (no, I didn’t drink all that wine!)  I plan to switch things out in there for the holidays.  Right now it has some cute glitter acorns in it but I also see it filled with ornaments for Christmas!


This rack solved a huge problem in my bathroom!  I didn’t like my brushes in the container on the toilet and the counter is too small to keep them there.  This has worked out perfectly!  And yes, I’m slightly embarrassed by my nail polish obsession!


I’m not really happy with this lamp here.  I got it because A) I needed a lamp for that side of the bed and B) I already had a lamp similar to this one so I thought it would be nice for symmetry with out being perfect matches.  I’m still not sold and will probably keep looking for lamps I love more.


This is by far my favorite thrift shop steal, maybe of all time.  I love the size and color of the trunk but especially that it’s more storage!  It’s already holding some decorative items I don’t have a place for right now.

I haven’t put up the black shelf yet but I plan to repaint it and probably hang it in my bedroom somewhere.  Maybe I will have made a decision about it by next week.  🙂

I’m afraid I won’t be able to top this week but I really look forward to trying!