My Car, My Kitchen and My Bathroom: An Update

That’s right, I’ve been a busy bee the last couple of days!

It all started on Monday when I picked my car up from the mechanic.  And paid $72.00.  Seriously, if you live in or around my tiny little town, talk to me and get this guy’s info.  He’s amazing!  I left there with a list of things that should be fixed and a plan to tackle an item at each of my next oil changes.  So, for under $100 I have peace of mind that my car will get me where I need to go safely.

That also means that my DIY projects this month can continue!

Nothing is done yet but I have



hung up the brackets for the shelves in the kitchen.  This was a huge pain!  That wall’s not level so I had to use a combination of measuring from the ceiling and eyeballing to get things mostly level.  If you check it with a level you’ll find it’s not perfect but I did throw a makeshift shelf on each one and visually it looks fine.


I did pick up a board yesterday at Lowe’s (they cut one shelf to 32″ in the store so the board would fit in my car) so all that it needs is to be cut and painted and these will be done!


I also heard back from the nice lady at Tuesday Morning yesterday.  She was able to find my transaction and I’ll be returning this rug on Sunday.  Thank goodness!


That terrible picture is of the wall above my shower in the hall bathroom.  Awesome, right?  See those spots that look wet?  There are drips like that all over the bathroom and I hate them.  So I decided to paint it a lighter color in the hopes that these wet spots would disappear.  I also went with a semi gloss finish (the blue was eggshell) because that’s what they say you’re supposed to do.


With all that decided, I opened up a beer and got to painting.  Note-this beer was really delicious and I was inspired by my new DIY role model to drink while I work.  Also note-I’m a light weight so I only had 1.


I chose Valspar Rising Star because it’s a nice greyish purple and it’s covering better that I had expected!  The only problem though, is those streaks are showing through.  Freaked out that I was never going to get rid of these, I stopped painting.  Then my friend who knows a guy who works at Sherwin Williams made a call to find out what I should do about this.  (Yes, you should ask Sherwin Williams, FYI.)  He said that dark paints don’t hold their pigment as well and so the drip marks I see are the pigment running, gross.  He also said that the eggshell finish creates drag so as the pigment tries to run, it’s slowed down by my not at all glossy finish and creates those gross spots.  Luckily, he said that there’s nothing special I need to do to paint over it and that while I initially made the worst decisions possible with the blue (dark paint, eggshell finish) I’m now making the best decisions (light paint, semi-gloss finish) and this won’t happen again.


The bathroom is only half done but it’s already much brighter, which I’m still getting used to!

Hopefully my next post will be about an actually finished project!




Buyer’s Remorse

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bought new rugs for my kitchen?

Remember how I was so excited about the great deal I got?



It’s not feeling like such a great deal right now.



I think I’ve vacuumed it 4 times since I bought it.  And look what’s happening.  My vacuum is set for the lowest pile and yet it’s sucking up the treads of this rug and ruining it!  Those two tufts are just a couple of many and it’s getting to the point where after only a few more cleanings, this sucker will be ruined.



On the bright side, I called Tuesday Morning this morning and the nice lady is looking up my transaction.  Because of course I didn’t keep my receipt OR the tags from the rug.  Luckily the lady said that because the sale was recent and because I know the exact total of my purchase (thank goodness for online banking!) she should be able to look it up and give me credit.

So, now I wait to hear back from her to find out if I’m going to be able to return this so I can buy this (which is the one I was going to buy in the first place!)

On another keeping-my-fingers-crossed note, the Jeep is in the shop as we speak.  I got gas on Friday and tightened the cap down and, viola!, the check engine light went off!

So now I’m waiting for a call back from the mechanic so I can stop holding my breath and finally know what’s going on!  (and finally get started on some projects!)


Can’t Blog, Too Busy Pinning

Now that my kitchen floor is done I’m going to sit back and relax.  Maybe do some knitting, watch some cooking shows, take a brea-yeah right!

My dad suggested an island for my kitchen and now I’m obsessed with the idea.  So, naturally, I’m going crazy Googling and Pinning ideas like:



Colorful!  Open shelves!  Pretty legs!  (found here)



Ooooh that towel rack!  Butcher block! (found here)



Slatted shelves!  With baskets! (found here)

Of course I’ll also need these



and this



to tie the room together!


My Closet-The Plan

Remember yesterday’s post?

Sorry about that, I hope none of you had nightmares!

As I said yesterday, I’ve gone through tons of ideas for cleaning, organizing and finishing this space.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

First, I need to pull the staples and pokey nails from the floor and then use wood filler to fill the gaps and nail holes.  Then I’m going to paint the floor.  I know.  I’ve been hearing about paints that are made for decks to seal them up and smooth out the rough patches.  I need that in here.

Second, the walls are going Bay Waves.  You may remember this color from my entry way, bathroom vanity, picture ledges and various small projects around the house.

Third, I’m buying this:


GÅSER Rug, high pile IKEA The high pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

It turns out that this will be perfectly sized for running down the closet in front of the hanging clothes-or basically, the places I’ll be walking with bare feet.

Fourth, I’m bringing in two of these:


By some miracle they’re the perfect height for sliding in underneath the existing shelf.  What I want to do is put them a couple of feet apart and then run a clothes rod between them.  Pinterest tells me this will work.  If Pinterest is wrong (which it has been before!) I’ll figure out another plan.  I really hope Pinterest is right!  I’d like to use one bookcase for shoes and the other for storage boxes and baskets for my belts and small purses.

Fifth, I want to stick a couple of these

GRUNDTAL Towel holder with 4 bars IKEA Swivels fully to the left or right.

up to hold my necklaces and bracelets.

Finally, I want to continue the existing shelf up both sides so I can stack my luggage and large bags on top.

I have an IKEA trip planned in the next couple of weeks where I hope to pick all this stuff up.  Hopefully once I have everything this will come together quickly-all my closet stuff is going to have to go into the guest room until this is done and I’d like to live in a mess for as short of a time as possible!



Since it’s been on my to do list for weeks I wanted to prove to all of you that my guest room has finally gotten some attention!

First, this guy showed up at the beginning of this month:


I did a bunch of research and found that this, at $49.99 was cheaper than making my own.  Plus, I probably never would have gotten around to making one.  I put it on the bed right away but then dumped all my random house stuff in the guest room so I couldn’t show you guys how awesome it looks!

This week I finally got the room cleaned up so I can show you:


I got that rug at Ross for $19.99 and now I’m on the hunt for new curtains.  I love the yellow chevron still but it’s too bright.  I’m saving for wood blinds for each room (white for in here) so I’m thinking now I may just do sheers (with a pretty yellow trim detail.)  I still want a new bedskirt and a runner for the other side of the bed.  I also need to fill all those holes and do some touch up painting…it never ends!

But, for now, this room is guest ready.  Who is going to come visit??