New Laundry Room Storage

The storage over my washer and dryer looked like this


for months.  You can see that in addition to not being sturdy, that shelf wasn’t pretty either.

I’ve been searching for cabinets for a year now and haven’t found any second hand that I liked and I’m too cheap to pay full price for new so I lived with that shelf.

My dad has been in the hospital in Denver for the past few weeks undergoing his last cancer treatments (hence the sporadic blogging-sorry!) so I have been making a lot more trips to that side of the state.  One day while I was hanging out with him he told me to go find some cabinets.  I searched for thrift stores around the hospital and set out.  I couldn’t find any of them.  Some were closed down and some were only donation sites so I found myself driving further and further from the hospital in search of a thrift store.  I didn’t find one.  But, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I found IKEA.  🙂

And at IKEA, in the “as is” section, I found this:


I was willing to throw some elbows to get that thing but luckily that wasn’t necessary.  I looked it over and it was in excellent condition (and already assembled!) so I bought it.

I really wanted two cabinets over the washer and dryer but there wasn’t another one like this so I went looking for another solution.


I cracked open the box and found that this cube was white so I bought it too.  So, for $30 I found my solution!


You have no idea how hard it was to hang these alone.  I was sweating like I had run a marathon-between holding the cabinet up, keeping it level and getting the screws into the studs, I was ready to give up!  I had to walk away several times and call my dad for advice but I finally got it!

The cabinet didn’t have a shelf with it so I had to buy some pegs and cut down a board I had.


I did that!

It took me longer to style that cube than it took to hang it.


No, not right.  I hate that you can see the screws on the back and it just seemed off.


So I dove into my scrap booking paper stash and found this navy blue stripe.  I just stuck it up there with some clear tape and it seems to be holding!


I got the aloe plant from Trader Joe’s and I think it’ll be okay up there.  I’ve had other succulents that seemed to be happy in my laundry room so I have my fingers crossed that this will be too.

The frame has this printable.  I wanted a little something on that shelf but didn’t love any of those cutesy quotes that are all over Pinterest.  I really love it-and I’m hoping I’ll use it and save some of my clothes!


And here’s a view of the whole laundry corner now!  The cube needs to be moved up slightly (but I need another set of hands to do that!) and I need to replace that light bulb and I need to actually shorten those lights and finally get rid of the zip ties!

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the hard work I’ve already done!



Bloggers Closet

Have you seen this yet?  I love, love, love the idea!  It’s like an online thrift store but one where only fashionable people take their stuff to.




And this

make me really want to shop this site.  I also really want to have my own closet!  Sure I’m a DIY blogger and not a fashion blogger but I dress up!  Take the third Wednesday of every month when I go play Bunko.  Annnnnnndd when ever I’m not wearing a polo and jeans at work.  Or grubby clothes to sand/paint/clean something.  Anyways I like to look nice and wear cute clothes and sell said cute clothes to make room for more cute clothes!

But here are my hesitations:

1.  Their sizing seems crazy to me.  A size 12=XL?

2.  Also, don’t try to find any XL dresses, shirts, pants, etc… (not to mention clothes for women who really are an XL) because there aren’t any listed.  None.

3.  Would they even accept my application (when there are openings, of course) to have a closet with mostly sensibly priced items? Think less Kate Spade and more Target.

Does anyone know of a similar site that isn’t specifically aimed at twig bitches (name the movie (one of my faves!) no offense!)?  Now that I’ve started running (Couch to 5K week 3 here I come!) I’d like a place to sell my cute bigger stuff and replace it with cute smaller stuff!

The point of this post is:

it’s a boring Sunday and I’m alone at work

I want everyone to know that I’m a runner now

12 does not = XL

I want to make money selling stuff cluttering up my house so I can buy new stuff to clutter my house 😉


Last thrift of 2013

I was super early for an appointment today and found myself in the “big city” (population: 9,600 and change) and decided to spend my free time hitting the thrift stores.

Boy I’m glad I did!


Grand total for all this (minus the hamper): $16.17.

What I got:


This bed frame doesn’t look like much right now but after a few (probably several) coats of white paint I think you’ll see why I snatched it up for $10.  Originally I thought it was Full size and was willing to either live with it or give my parents the queen for their guest room and buy a full.  To my surprise it’s a Queen.  I can’t wait to tackle this project!


The $6.17 was spent on these items (and tax) and I think I got a heckova deal!  Two new trays for the kitchen and the gold balls for the guest room.  The vase I got because I liked the shape.  I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

And because I can’t go to the booming metropolis without hitting up Target I thought I’d show you the steals I got there:


Four stockings (not hot glued together) and a topper for my tree for $4.50 each.  I’m already excited for Christmas 2014 😉

I hope you’re all having a happy New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day depending on where you live.)  Because I’m a very exciting 30 something I plan to spend the last hours of 2013 playing board games, puttering around my house and sleeping.  In other words, doing exactly what I want to.


My Secret Talent

Put me in a thrift store where there is one item from Pottery Barn and I WILL find it!


Today there were two!



I got the candle holder, pillow and square silver plate at the first store I went to today for $2.17.  Score!

The mirror and bulletin board were $13.  I’m sure my mother is looking at this picture and screaming at her computer.  (she dropped off a bulletin board exactly like this one yesterday)  Don’t worry mom, I have a plan!


The candle holder ended up in my bedroom

ImageThe gold mirror landed in the guest room


And, of course, the plate is up on the wall.

The bulletin board required a little work before I could use it:


That’s right!  Today’s bulletin board and the one from my mom got new lives as a headboard in my guest room!

I hit up the consignment shop in town earlier this week and was not disappointed!


These candle holders are on my desk now


This guy was quite a find!  Originally I thought it was a newer, big box store piece but once I started looking at it (and consulting with my mother) I think it’s an old Phonograph cabinet.  The bottom is now filled with blankets, candles, picture frames, etc.  (basically all the stuff that was cluttering up my guest room!)

The candle holders were $4.00 and the cabinet was $40.00.  Everything was 10% off so with tax I paid $43.00!

I’m hoping my friend Cortny and I can meet up for some thrift shopping in the “big city” in the next couple weeks!  If we do, you know I’ll share 🙂