Bonus Bathroom Project and a Plan

Yesterday I showed you the kitchen and today I want to show you the small bathroom project I was working on simultaneously.  I’ve found that this is how I work best-I need something to do while I’m waiting for paint and caulk to dry!

When I went to Lowe’s last week I picked up an 8 ft piece of pine.  I could have gone with quarter round but I liked this squared off trim better.

I was so excited to get the bead board up in here but it really drew attention to how uneven my floor was in there.  Remember that gap?  It’s gone now!



It went up with Liquid Nails just like the trim in the kitchen.



Then it got a coat of the Valspar Semi Gloss white that I painted the trim and bead board with.  See that corner?  Here’s what it looked like until yesterday:


Soooo gross.  I vacuumed that out and filled it with caulk.  And then, because my hands were already dirty I decided to tackle something else:



That’s a huge gap between the tile and the bathtub.  Every time I took a shower I pictured the boards under the tub slowly rotting away because any liquid on that floor would run right into this gap.

So, out came the white caulk:



This took A LOT of caulk.  I think three layers.  But now it’s clean and hopefully water tight.

There are still a lot of problems in here.  The sides and top edges of my surround aren’t finished and I really hate the tile on the floor in here.  I had originally liked my shower surround-it was new and plain and would go with everything.  It’s still neutral but a plumbing mishap resulted in this not being in new condition anymore.  Plus I was struggling to find a solution for the weird couple of inches on the left side and the not wide enough to be a ledge in the shower.

So, I came up with this:



1.  White subway tile in the shower with

2. white penny tile as an accent.  I don’t know yet how I’d incorporate it but I like a different texture up against the subway tiles.  I want to keep it all white so it can stay neutral

3.  The beadboard will stay, of course

4.  these floor tiles are bathroom safe and add another layer of texture and more interest than the white tiles in there now

5.  I’ve been dreaming of a shower head like this for a year!

6.  And of course, I’m keeping the same Calvary blue.

Good thing I have so much experience tiling!  Okay, I have no experience but I’m confident that I can learn!  I haven’t measured or priced anything out yet so there could be some tweaking depending on how difficult and expensive my choices are.

Once my dad gets home from his vacation I’ll pick his brain to see if he thinks this is something I can pull off!



Kitchen Trim is Done!

I hit a few snags but as of right now, the trim is all up, the cracks have been caulked and the strip under the window is painted.  Remember how it looked in the beginning? And then after Phase II?

Here’s what my kitchen looks like now:



What, don’t notice a difference?  We’ll look a little closer but first, let me show you my first snag:



I didn’t clean up the Liquid Nails while it was wet.  In fact, I didn’t clean it up until a week later which was a bad idea.  Don’t do as I did.  Those pretty pink nails?  Gone.  Before I settled on the pen cap being the best tool for this job I tried a razor blade (dangerous.) and a golf tee (splinters.)  This pen cap and my own pretty pink nails scraped this off.  Not easily, but it worked.



This toothpaste tube of caulk was awesome.  I started out using one of those ratcheting gun things and it was awful.  It was hard to get up under the cabinets and I felt like I was making a bigger mess.  I got one in Almond and one in white and got the job done cleanly and easily.



I used the almond caulk on cabinet side around every piece I wasn’t painting.  So around the window and under the cabinets.  Then I used the white on everything around the window.  It’s amazing what a difference some caulk makes!  I love how finished and clean it all looks now.



The gaps under the window were so deep I had to put on two layers of caulk.  This is layer one.  The tile side of this strip also got almond caulk.

Once all the caulk was dry I got to painting that trim under the window.



Snag two happened when I started painting with my white trim paint.  It was at this point that I remembered that we didn’t paint the trim in the kitchen when I moved in.  It was already white and it good shape so we left it.  Unfortunately, the new clean white paint made the old paint look, well, old.  So all the trim around the window got a new coat of white paint.

And all that brings us back to here:



A whole lot of work that most people will probably never notice.

Because I’m so proud of this project let me show you close up side by side before and afters:



Yikes!  Remember that?  How did I live with it for a whole year??

trimcol2Looks like it’s always been there, right?

The wheels for my island arrived today and the legs should be here tomorrow along with my new hardware!  Basically I’ll be sitting by my door tapping my foot waiting for the UPS guy to show up so I can finish this baby up!




Two Day To Do List

Every time I think I’m going to have an easy week and lay back on the couch (loveseat) and binge watch “Love it or List it” and “Bar Rescue,” I instead find myself knee deep in stuff to be painted, moved, hung, cleaned, organized, etc.

Take last week for example:

  • hang the shade cloth for the patiopart one and part two
  • the trunk turned dog food stationso great!
  • start filling the gaps in the kitchenhalfway done.  All I need is another tube of white caulk and to finish painting the trim over the sink

This week I have THREE days off and I’m ready!  I’m going to:

  • finish the trim in the kitchen
  • add one more layer of trim in the bathroom.  Remember that gap-it’s getting covered up!
  • caulk around the tub in the bathroom (found 3 spiders in there in less than 24 hours!)
  • make a new wreath for the front door
  • put up my new kitchen hardware
  • start (and finish dang it!) my new kitchen island

Also, if you’ve noticed the counter at the bottom of this page, you know that my one year anniversary is quickly approaching.  I have 2.5 weeks to gather up all my notes and put together some awesome posts about how far my house and I have come and what I want to get done in Year 2.


Kitchen Update

It’s looking like it’ll be a big week for my kitchen this week!  I’ve found a cabinet (something I already had!) for the island and my new hardware should be here any day.

To start though, I put up the trim to cover the gaps around my window and under my cabinets.

Remember what it was like before?  While it’s not done, it’s better:



Obviously I still need to clean up and caulk around the new trim but after living with it a few days, I think I’m going to leave all the trim around the cabinets natural.  It’s not a perfect match to the cabinet finish but I think it’ll blend in better than white.





The trim under the cabinets really just disappears so I think some caulk will finish this off.





The trim under the window, however, will get painted white.  Really, I should have painted it white before I put it up, but I didn’t so I’m thinking painting this little strip will be the most time consuming part of this whole project.

I have paintable white caulk for the trim under the window but I still need to find some for around the other trim.  Clear?  Tan?  I haven’t decided yet but I’ll surely keep you updated!