Two Day To Do List

I want to make this a thing.  I could refer to it as TDTD List and tell you all about what I’d like to get done on my days off.  Sound good?  Good.

I work a weird job with even weirder hours and days off.  Sometimes this is nice (banks, stores, restaurants are empty!) and sometimes this sucks.  I’d love to be rich and not have to work.  Or at least have a job with more than 48 hours in a row of free time.  But I don’t.

So, here’s what I’d like to accomplish in my 48 hours off:

  • clean my house.  Honestly, this will always be on the list.  Wind+Dust+Two Long Haired Pets+Wood Floors=the constant need to sweep.
  • install cove base under my kitchen cabinets
  • weed eat and mow the lawn (or cut the grass for my southern friends)
  • finish up the tweaking I’ve been doing in the guest room
  • revive my weekly wrap up posts

I’m hoping I can do it!  I wouldn’t say I’ve been lazy lately, but I haven’t done anything BIG in a while which kind of makes me sad!  I’m also working on a revised list of things I want to accomplish in each room.  My one year anniversary of homeownership is on August 28th and I’m planning a big, “look where we started!” post.

So, what I’m saying is, stay tuned, I’m planning big things!