Phone Calls to Dad, Episode 1

(this post could also have been called “An Embarrassing Post of How Little I Know”)

Call #1

Me: “Dad, I’m going to break in my compressor tonight.”

Dad: “Make sure you follow the instructions.”

Call #2 (30 minutes later)

Me: “The compressor is broken in and I got the air hose attached to it but I can’t figure out how to attach it to the nail gu-never mind, I just got it!”

Dad: “Call me if you have any other problems.”

Call #3 (probably less than 30 minutes later)

Me: “It’s not working!”

Dad: “Is the tank full?”

Me: “No.”

Dad: “Fill the tank and it should work.”

Call #4

Me: “The tank is full but nothing is happening!  I can’t get the output pressure to go above 0!”

Dad: “There should be a knob you turn to increase the pressure.”

Me: “I see that and I’ve tried turning it but it doesn’t turn very easily.”

Dad: “Force it.”

Me: “But there are warnings on every page of these manuals that the whole thing could explode!”

Dad: “It’s not going to blow up, just turn it.”

Me: “Okay.  Okay, it worked.”

Dad: “Call me back and let me know what happens.”

Call #5

Me: “It worked!”

Dad: “Good!”  (I think part of this was pride that I {kind of, a little} got this done by myself and part relief that he could watch TV without being interrupted every 30 minutes.)


I still plan to post about this project tonight but it may be late.  Unless everything goes as planned, which has never happened in this house.